Prof. Hudson McLean

The charade. The Peace dance. A game of blind man's bluff.

As mentioned in several of my papers, the LTTE Terrorists never ever intended to hold any form of talks with the Sinhala government, let alone agree on a peace agenda. Refer to-;

PEACE AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW?-Prof. Hudson McLean (The LankaWeb -25/04/02).

If one looks at the motive or objective of any exercise, logically, at the end of the line, there must be one or several winners. The prominant players expect to come at the end of the play to take the final bow.

Will the Top Cat, who played Top Cat all along be allowed to have that honour? Never!

In any case, he scared his knickers off that one of his own terror-cats will blast him off to Wanniya in a wooden box. VP has no place on this civilised world. He is no Mandela or Gandhi. Not even an Arafat!

Like he aptly displayed on the 10th April 2002, that the Top Cat is simply a tiny rat, who cannot even get a few words out of his mouth without the support of the Real Leader Antonius and his sleeping partner and Deputy Adele.

So do enlighten me, Why on earth should the Top Cat VP let all those 18 million in Sri Lanka have a good night's sleep, when the Top Cat, all dressed up and has nowhere to go?

All these reams of paper on Peace Talks, MoU are not even good for using as loo paper.

When the Twin Towers were struck, it send shock waves into the heart of Wanniya. Since it is well known fact that LTTE freight forwarding service attended to continuous shipments of weapons to Al Qaeda, both for money as well as to maintain goodwill sentiments with brothers-in-blood.

For a good measure and to command legitimacy, "General" Velupillai Prabhakaran netted the Norwegians through Erik Solheim. The world has seen the history of Norwegian attempts to broker peace in the Middle East. As outcasts in the world stage of politics, outsiders in the mainstream European EU club, just hanging on to the tail end of NATO, only because the most Northern tip of Norway is used to carry out surveillance by NATO on the Russian shipping fleet.

With the NATO and Russia cuddling in the same bed, beneath one small blanket, Norway has no real part to play on either side of the pond. Thanks to LTTE, Norway grabbed the opportunity to get involved in Sinhala-Tamil politics.

To play any role in this LTTE-Sri Lankan game of roulette, one must know the intricacies of the Asian mentality. The British and the French with over a hundred years of experience, failed. The American leadership, several at the top suffering from dementia, may somehow manage to overcome the main hurdles, simply by using their big cowboy boots and the six-shooters.

The ideal peace broker in the case of Sri Lanka, should be, India.

Multiple reasons make India the natural Chair Person.

1: India understand the Tamil mentality. With over seventy million Tamils of Indian origin, there is no other comparable power to take charge.

2: Being only a few hundred metres from the Indian border, with logistical or military support at the ready, India can act with speed.

3: India has a vested interest to maintain peace and a balance at the Southern tip, simply to keep the shipping activity on an even keel.

4: India knew from the beginning that the LTTE never ever intended to bring about peace to Sri Lanka, mainly due to financial interests of the Top Cats in the weapons business.

5: India needed a damn good reason to enter into the fray when the discussions on the discussions fail and when the Terrorists begin to explode their first human bomb in September 2002.

6: The stage is set with India, with military support at the ready from Israel with full backing from USA, EU and NATO, to take control of the situation.
During this short, swift, bloody exercise, Pakistan will be kept cool by Uncle Sam, and the American Fleet is expected to give logistical support as demanded by the situation.

The Indians are expected to use mainly their Air Force in order to minimise casualties.

Another interesting point is that, -Sri Lanka Government Plans Northern Jaffna Trade Fair In July-(yahoo-16/05/02)

There are two ways of winning the war. Either set a tight time table and allow the forces to take every conceivable action to destroy the enemy and meet the deadline, OR go the gentle commercial way. Get the foreign investors in, as suggested in several of my writings. But, with the LTTE mentality, this is a long shot.

Ranil W's anticipated trip to Europe coincides with the cricket season. The summer sales at Harrods and Selfridges will keep the wife busy whilst Ranil W finds the odd moment or two to engage himself in Sri Lankan political necessities. Tea at Buck House with Her Majesty and a quick nip into Number 10 for a shot of Chivas Regal with Boy Blair are only for the benefit of cameramen, mainly from the Sri Lanka rags.

Unfortunately, there are no surprises in the LTTE game plan. With the market for the weapons industry at a low ebb, it is now a buyers market Even a deaf dumb blind idiot would see and understand that Tarzan never had any intentions of leaving Wanniya and to bring about peace to Sri Lanka. And Erik Solheim knew this all along.


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