By L.Jayasooriya

Throughout our long history the Singhalese have fought battles. They have won and they have lost but never ever at any time did the Singhalese go through any humiliation anywhere. At the press conference held by Prabhakaran the LTTE man said arrogantly that he will be the Prime Minister for the North and Prabhakaran will be the President while the Prime Minister of this government will just remain in the South. By saying that he not only insulted the Prime Minister but insulted the whole Singhalese nation. That was insulting enough, but the biggest insult to the nation came from the government itself when it humbly accepted the insults on behalf of every Singhalese, in front of all the countless millions of television sets all over the world.

People elect a government to preserve, to protect and to safeguard the honour and dignity of the people and the country but what is happening now is the very opposite of the sacred oath taken by any government. Throughout the whole of humanity people in anger shout, threaten, insult and abuse but they are very careful not to humiliate because that seems to have been accepted as something that should never be done. To give an example, in any private establishment if an employee is caught doing something for which he has to be dismissed, he is never told in front of others to clear out. Instead he is called into the office, the door is closed and then he is told that he is dismissed.

Today the Singhalese feel that they have been betrayed by their own government by not defending their honour. The Singhalese are not a servile race but that is the impression that has been conveyed to the whole world. There is deep resentment and anger about this among the Singhalese.


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