Letter to the President
Mike Opatha

Excellency the President of Sri Lanka
Dear Madam:

The simple question I have for you is...
When are you going to awaken from your immobilized state and take decisive steps as the Chief Commander of Sri Lanka's Armed Forces to curb the sheer luncy that is being imposed on all Sri Lankans by a Prime Minister (who I will simply refer as "Ranil" hereafter) who appears to have taken leave of his senses?
The rationale for my question is as follows:
· After all, did you not preach at numerous platforms during the election campaign that you will not allow the division of our country to appease a murderous group of terrorists? To your credit, you tried to alert people to the fact that, despite Ranil's denials, a secret pact existed between Ranil and the LTTE during the lead up to the elections. This contention has been proven beyond doubt today. However, the masses did not believe you, as you yourself had vacilated in your dealings with the LTTE by making all kinds of unthinkable promises to them throughout the period, including a promise that you were prepared to make Prabhakaran the Chief Minister of the NE province for a certain period. I am not sure if this is slander, but I certainly did not see a solid denial from you during that time.
· Today, the LTTE is not only virtually running the NE provinces as a defacto separate state, they have and continue to carry out attacks against the Muslim and Sinhala civilians in those provinces whilst exercising a free hand in forcible conscription of innocent Tamil children for their next murderous campaign. All this is happening while the Army and the Police of the Nation have been rendered powerless by the MOU. As the Chief Commander of the armed forces, do you not feel that you have a sacred obligation to protect the lawful citizenry of these areas?
· You should take some of the blame for this current state of lunacy and the impending worse disaster for the Nation. Your regime invited the Norwegians to meddle in our affairs despite the well known sympathies they have always nurtured for the LTTE. Perhaps it was only your advisors who were blind to this fact! Today, the so called Truce Monitoring Committee is virtually useless in ensuring that LTTE abides by the MOU. Largely, they have turned a blind eye to the violations committed by the LTTE and any criticism of the LTTE has been purely cosmetic, leading us to believe that it was merely for consumption purposes.
· We, the partriotic sons/daughters of Sri Lanka, have today come to the realization that overall, you did not choose your appointees well, be they for commanding the armed forces or as your strategic advisors. G.L. Peiris comes to my mind as a good example of this latter category. These mistakes were indeed very costly and unfortunate for you as the "chickens did come home to roost" in short order.
· Given the amount of explosives/weapons and the "sleeper-agents" that LTTE is sure to have brought into Colombo and other major cities during this "peace" time, it horrifies me to even conjure up an image of the impending disaster when LTTE inevitably goes back to its usual campaign of terror. In my view, the politicians who abdicate their responsibility to safeguard the citizenry of the country are equally guilty as the ones who, in essence, have committed sedition.

Objectively, but respectfully submitted,
Mike Opatha


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