Prof. Hudson McLean

My humble thanks to a balanced and a logical presentation made -; By A Concerned Expatriate (LankaWeb - 14/09/02).

Whilst I agree whole heartedly with his arguments on giving “Trust a Fair Crack and support RanilW in his quest for peace”, one has to go by past history when one looks at TTT / LTTE and its leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.

A leopard does never change its spots and neither does a Tiger when it comes to stripes. It is a state of mind which may be compared with hardened Right Wing Racists or Communists or Terrorists. As you quite correctly stated that the LTTE cannot be compared with IRA or Basques when it comes to the strength of purpose, its dedication and ability to kill.

Regarding why the Americans did not move in with rapid response against the TTT / LTTE, as we all appreciate, as the only Super Power, USA alone decides on their priorities. They did not give that much thought to Al Qaeda either until the September 11th. Blasting a hole in Cole or reducing the embassies in Africa only raised some eye brows. But when the terror hits their pride and the power base, originating from inside their own tent then, that is a different matter.

Allow me to place one fact high on its merit, which I agree with yourself whole heartedly. The fact that RanilW started the peace process and brought serenity to Sri Lanka is worth a great deal of merit. However the question is, at what price? Is it simply a political game play to mark time, to allow a breather to reconstruct the battered defences and to march towards the next Presidential election?

Or did the TTT / LTTE unilaterally declare a cease fire because the theatre was too hot to continue due to the collapse of the WTC Twin Towers?

Did the steel of the Tamil expats melt due to the international heat against suicide bombers and terrorists?

If the TTT / LTTE is that sincere on peace, why have they engaged continually on international weapons procurement as well as infiltration of their terrorists into the South of Sri Lanka?

Another misrepresented point is that, I for one do not “Pray that the Peace Process would fail”. In our opinion, we still are convinced that the LTTE / TTT are not at all sincere in their statements on settling down to accepting the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka as is. By default, they do not believe in peace. This is simply a smoke screen to fool the women.

Their promotional activity of their own judiciary, police force, banking and defence forces do not indicate their desire to blend within One Sovereign State. In other words, Devolution means Tamil Eelam. The face of the roaring Tiger flies in Trincomalee.

If and when “Peace” becomes permanent and the TTT / LTTE decides to accept the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka per se, what becomes of the status of the leader of the TTT / LTTE?

Does the TTT / LTTE demand that their leader is granted an unconditional pardon and given an amnesty?

What will be the position of the Sri Lankan government if and when the Indian government applies for extradition of Prabhakaran and obtains a Court Order according to Sri Lankan law? Will the SLG say No? And fight against an international warrant? Will the Tamil followers of the Great Leader then turn their back and turn a deaf ear?

Then comes Norway into the equation. Perhaps, dear Sport, you might enlighten the reason(s) for the Mission of Norway. There is an old fashioned belief that, “There is no such thing as a Free Lunch”. That applies to Masala Dosai too.

As you quite correctly pointed out that, LTTE has the largest number of suicide volunteers dead as well as alive. Said that, why should a country like Norway wishes to promote a group of terrorist murderers on the international scene and address a Wanted Terrorist as “Excellency”?

Perhaps you have forgotten that the wife of this “Excellency”, Wanted in Australia, was responsible for training the most ruthless, evil, violent bunch of women ever walked this earth?

Do you think placing a crown on the top of a killer gives him instant respectability?

As George W Bush has aptly demonstrated, “Disregarding Basic Human Decency And Compassion In Our Quest To Fight Terrorism” does not work. Time will tell, very shortly, yes, you might call me a pessimist, but I consider myself a realist, that all the rhetoric of peace which runs so smoothly now is only a precursor to a bubbling volcano waiting to erupt.

One must not miss a vital question-:

One might wonder, while LTTE is banned in countries mentioned above, why are they not banned in other countries, such as the other members of the European Union and other Asian nations, except for India who has its own reasons? Is it because they openly admit endorsing LTTE terrorism or is it because they suspect (or know) that Sri Lankan government has a greater role in the civil war than just being a victim?

You hit the nail right on the head, Sir!

As I have pointed out in one scribble, both the UNP/UNF and the SLFP/PA, have had their own gold diggers. The Senanayakes / Kotalawalas /Bandaranaikes have to some extent escaped the allegations, but their cousins, uncles have not said Nay to their share of the moolah. The Jayawardane family members, Premadasa and his entourage of mudalalis, Ratwattes and one must not forget the TTT / LTTE sponges, all have their little secrets in various countries.

As another independent writer illustrates below-;

Sri Lanka PM: Walking a peace tightrope
Sunday, 15-Sep-2002 7:50AM

Story from AFP / Amal Jayasinghe
Copyright 2002 by Agence France-Presse (via ClariNet)

------Wickremesinghe, a lawyer by profession, entered politics when Kumaratunga's mother, former prime minister Sirima Bandaranaike, nationalished his family newspaper in 1973.

His rise to power has been largely attributed to team work and meticulous
planning and his experience as a legislator since 1977. What he lacks in
charisma, he has more than made up with his uncanny manoeuvring.
If he succeeds in delivering peace, Wickremesinghe could be set for life.
If not he may have to pay with his life.

Each writer is entitled to express his own opinion. Many writers within Sri Lanka cannot express themselves due to fear and official censorship. We are grateful that Lanka Web has given an opportunity to freedom of expression, without restriction or censorship, a right which is not available in Sri Lanka.

You, Sir, have expressed your opinion very clearly, logically and to a large extent impartially with civility, to which, I Salute You!

And Our Considerable Thanks to Lanka Web and to You, Sir!


Heaven or Hell….It Is A Matter Of Perspective....A Response to Prof. McLean's Comments.
By A Concerned Expatriate
(LankaWeb - 18/09/02)





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