Asiff Hussein re-instated at Lake House

According to reliable sources, Mr. Asiff Hussein the author of the article( Sunday Observer - January 6, 2002 ) that challenged the authenticity of the Tooth Relic of the Buddha that is kept in the custody of the Dalada Maligava has been re-instated at Lake House.

In a one page length article Asiff Hussein quoted a number of sources with a view to creating doubt on the legitimacy and authenticity of the sacred tooth relic venerated by most Buddhists the world over.

This publication of this article in the Sunday Observer of January 6, 2002 led to an immediate withdrawal, no sooner the management was informed, of thousands of copies of the newspaper carrying the offending article.

A large delegation of Buddhists comprising leading Buddhist monks and office bearers of a number of prominent Buddhist organisations visited Lake House on January 18, 2002 and confronted the management of the Lake House newspapers over the publication of this article. Assurances were given by the Lake House management that the author of the article had been interdicted, and an inquiry headed by a retired High Court judge was being conducted to ascertain the true facts concerning the publication.

The outcome of this inquiry was never made public. The public of this country are still in the dark as to whether the article was the work of just one individual or the product of a conspiracy within the Sunday Observer Editorial Staff to ridicule and denigrate Buddhism by mocking at the religious practices and beliefs of the Buddhist majority of Sri Lanka.

The author Asiff Hussein being a Muslim, may consider himself quite fortunate that the laws of blaspheming the majority religion as found being enforced in a vast number of Muslim countries, do not form a part of the laws of Sri Lanka. The punishment for blasphemy in Muslim countries e.g. Pakistan, is stoning the offender to death.

We reproduce below the news report that was published in the ' Sunday Island ' on January 20, 2002 on this subject.

Delegation of bhikhkus, laymen protest Lake House denigration of Buddhism

A large delegation of bhikkhus and lay persons representing Buddhist organisations have lodged a strong and vehement protest with the Acting Chairman of Lake House, Kumar Abeysinghe, General Manager B. A. Jinadasa and Editors of the newspapers of the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon, at the anti-Buddhistic and anti-national crusade of the English newspapers of Lake House and their unbridled Christianisation. The protest was triggered off by reports of an article published in the Sunday Observer of Jan. 6/2002 alleging that the Sacred Tooth Relic was a fake made of ivory and implying that a fraud is being committed on the public by the Dalada Maligawa.


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