Six months of terrorist dominance confirms 'RANILTA BEHA'


A popular catchword widely accustomed to the Sinhala speaking population, even familiar with the children was "Ranilta Beha" (Ranil cannot..). Even the UNP leadership realised this fact and their displeasure and anger on the poor performance, and lack of leadership ability of Mr. Wickremasinghe led to hatching of a palace coup engineered by current Ministers Rajitha Senaratne and Ravi Karunanayake to oust him from the party leadership and install instead the late Mr. Gamini Atukorale or Mr. Karu Jayasuriya. Nonetheless, Mr. Anura Bandranaike rocked the boat, flouted this attempt and saved his skin.

Commenting on these happenings a wellknown UNP scribe wrote the following in the Island (Mid Week) on 25th April 2001. "The inevitable has happened. There is a concerted move within the UNP to remove Ranil from the leadership. The surprising thing is that it took so long for this situation to materialise. Ranil no doubt is a problem. There is a body of opinion which is now firmly established that he cannot deliver the goods. That is the general impression in the country among all sections of the people whether UNP or non-UNP. This impression has been more or less prevalent since 1994. Ranil has a basic problem relating to people. He has no PR abilities. Quite apart from PR, he even flouts the basic social etiquette. "

Another UNPer from Kandy, endorsing the above comments writing in the Island of 5th May 2001under the title 'UNP in turmoil' said he and few others, mostly professionals, wanted to share their views about government policy and strengthening the party machinery in the run up to the 1999 Presidential election. Throughout the discussion Mr. Wickremesinghe was ill at ease, avoided eye contact as much as possible, was aloof; alien, and demonstrated a pall of almost impenetrable arrogance about him.

Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe's inaction, duplicity, and deception during the last six months, since he was installed in power by the terrorist backed money launders, drug barons and the minority vested interests, taking advantage of the frailties and blunders of the PA, aptly demonstrate the pertinence of this aphorism "Ranilta Beha". The sellout MOU was blindly signed despite many controversial clauses and phrases affecting the sovereignty of the nation thus confirming "Ranilta Beha" to challenge the terrorist leadership and stand firm. When the terrorist leader and his mouthpiece boldly declared that Ranil is only the Prime Minister of the people who voted for him, he didn't have the manhood to denounce them and proved that "Ranilta Beha" to open his mouth without fearing the terrorists. When the terrorists openly smuggled arms shipments violating the sellout MOU he shamelessly admitted these smuggling operations and demonstrated that "Ranilta Beha" to check and contain terrorist buildups. When Tamil business magnates in Colombo who have spent millions for UNP in the elections, asked him to save them from the intolerable extortion demands of the terrorists, he flatly refused to help them showing "Ranilta Beha" even to make a reasonable request to the terrorists.

These are only a few examples to illustrate the veracity of "Ranilta Beha". The irreparable damage done in the enslavement of the citizenry of the North and East provinces to a ruthless terrorist group and subjection of the administration of a vast territory of this nation to the dictates of a tyrant is a great betrayal without any parallel.


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