Prof. Hudson McLean

An open secret. Velupillai Prabhakaran and his LTTE's twenty year dream. And the TamilNadu Chief Minister Honourable Jayalalithaa spells it out. Straight from the Cat's den.

The Federation of Tamil Republics in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA, South Africa etc, was, I repeat, was, the ultimate objective of Prabhakaran.

'PMK demand another call for secession' - THE HINDU Monday, Jul 22, 2002

".....................But time and again their attempts were negated by the AIADMK Government, which was bent on cracking down on terrorist and separatist forces. As the efforts to form a Tamil nation with the support of LTTE failed, the PMK leader had now come out with the proposal of forming a separate State. Dr. Ramadoss' demand only showed how he was practising politics using a communal forum.........................."

At least Ms Jayalalithaa seems to have the b---s, so to speak, as much as the Sri Lankan President, a feature lacking in many of the governing male politicians in Sri Lanka at present.

Terrorists raise the demand for 2/3 of Sri Lanka's sea territory. A.A.M.NIZAM MATARA. -Full Story-(LankaWeb -20/07/02)

We hope that this claim by the terrorists was a belated April Fool's joke.

Asking is one thing and Getting is another.

Thesawalamai Law in 'full' force by Frances Bulathsinghala Sunday Observer - Sri Lanka

The unilateral declaration of a parallel legal system within a Sovereign State by a group of terrorists is another violation but is nothing new. Many a terrorist organization has tried such "Kankaroo Courts" for short durations. However, the State legislature must now act first by legal means and then with force where necessary to outlaw such illegal activity. Perhaps Professor G.L. Peiris in his capacity as the Chief Mentor to RanilW may declare what firm actions will the Government take to correct this situation with immediate effect.

And then the Tamil Eelam Police advertisements.

All these acts are meant to provocate the Sinhala public to take some action against the Tamils, so as to justify the next round of violence the Terrorists are planning. So far RanilW has kept his shirt buttons open and kept himself cool.

And then the recent outburst of Honourable Tyrone Fernando accusing the Sinhala expatriates of being hard liners. First of all, many of the local resident critics are anxious to safeguard their positions, whether they are in the private sector or in the public sector. And in the case of government controlled media, it is a case of "tail wagging the dog". Apart from that, both leading political parties, as well as the LTTE terrorists, have a long held reputation of silencing their critics with a blunt knife or with a rusty pistol.

The expatriate armchair pundits sipping a Gin & Tonic in Kings Road or slumming in a Dosai Boutique in Earls Court may express their views with relative safety. As an independent observer, we too express our opinions, without reservations, as a democratic right.

And to put it in perspective, Sri Lanka should follow the Indian example and hand over Prabhakaran and his murderous thugs to India to stand trial. If the Police Forces and the Security Forces of Sri Lanka, under the direction of the Ministries of Defence and Interior are incapable to apprehend the vile distasteful murderers, let the Indians send in their commandos to do the job.

During his meeting with the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, according to well informed sources, RanilW was encouraged to maintain a centrist line with both the LTTE and the Buddhist clergy. By extending the climate of peace with a non-confrontational stance whilst maintaining a high level defence capability, Ranil is creating a highly desirable and a favourable public image. This will in effect help RanilW to use a "big stick" with a tremendous overseas support if and when needed, in the nearest future.

Or in other words, "Give enough rope to the Tiger Terrorists to hang themselves".

Diplomatically, Igor Invanov the Russian Foreign Minister, Jack Straw, the British counterpart, Chris Patten the EU Commissioner and the Indian government have jointly applauded the subtle moves made by RanilW. Therefore the visit to meet with George W Bush is the "Grand Finalé", where GWB will confirm the Uncle Sam's support against terrorism.

There are several points on the Agenda which will be addressed. The continuation of the Proscription by USA as well as leaning on to the LTTE supporters who are either American citizens or the Green Card holders. According to a latest report, both the FBI and now the Homeland Security have identified the main key Tamil players. The surveillance is specially directed at several Tamil engineers employed by Boeing and other aircraft industries.

This surveillance is also extended to several Airport Authorities and Airlines who have a number of Sri Lankan Tamil staff in "high risk" and compromising positions, especially in UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan.

On another note, apart from the murders of President Premadasa, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and scores of others, are there any readers who might consider that Velupillai Prabhakaran, who has directly engaged in criminal acts against juveniles, pregnant women and other innocent humans, should be delivered to the International Tribunal at the Hague for Trial on charges of Crimes against Humanity?

If I were in RanilW's shoes, I would turn a blind eye and let the Indians set an example in South Asia, with their trend of a firm line against terrorism, and haul VP to a prison in Delhi. After serving his sentence in Delhi, he may stand trial in the Hague for Crimes Agaisnt Humanity.

Now if Minister Tyronne Fernando wishes to make his two cents worth of comment, let him go ahead!


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