Donkey and Camphor


The visionless, arrogant, and childish Foreign Minister Mr. Tyronne Fernando has unveiled his political nudity by criticizing the former Foreign Minister Mr. Laxman Kadiragamar. The enormous and ardent service rendered by Mr. Kadiragamar, one of the great sons of Sri Lanka, risking his own life, to check and annul worldwide misinformation carried out by the terrorists depicting Sri Lanka as a country of savage discrimination and inhuman suppression, halt fund raising for terrrorist activities and arms procurement, and apprising foreign governments on the absolute need to ban the ruthless terrorist organisation operating from their respective soils has no match in the recent Sri Lankan history. The determined and dedicated efforts made by Mr. Kadiragamar to make the British ban a reality while Tyronne Fernando and his servile clique shamelessly kneeling down before the barbarous terrorists worked against the ban will be appreciated and remembered by all patriotic Sri Lankans forever.

Mr. Kadiragmar is a statesman of par excellence who had nation's interests dear to his heart than any other consideration. On the contrary we only find Ministers in the present government who are dedicated and resolved to whitewash the terrorists who have mercilessly murdered and slaughtered several thousand innocent people, including their own Prime Minister Mr. Premadasa. Mr. Fernando has blamed Mr. Kadiragamar for getting immersed in the LTTE problem as it was a local problem. His argument is utterly ludicrous. In other words he says that Sri Lanka should not have taken any action to curb LTTE's worldwide activities projected against the government and the people of Sri Lanka.

Mr. Fernando may have imagined that he could make a political mileage by blindly and inanely criticising Mr. Kadiragamar. Mr. Fernando will pale even in the shadow of Mr. Kadiragamar, let alone his great stature. In Tamil there is a saying that 'how can a donkey know the fragrance of the Camphor?'. I think this is the fitting comparison we can give for these two personalities.


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