Prof. Hudson McLean

As forecast earlier last week, the "Brains" behind Terror had to make a quick exit from Sri Lanka, via the back door, Westwards to get medical attention for his Kidney malfunction due to Diabetes. Those who are conversant with Cardiac diseases and Diabetes will appreciate the need to have medical back up at hand, to avoid strokes and paralyses.

My forecast Number One - This was the last time the Terrorists resident in Wanni saw Dr. Anton Balasingham, since he will not return. As an intelligent man, he would understand that Peace is just a Pipe Dream. And Eelam was an illusion from the beginning. There are better ways of spending his short remainder of life in other parts of the globe than getting cooked in that dusty heat and discussing sweet nothing with a zombie.

Forecast Number Two - LTTE will not participate in any peace talks in or outside Sri Lanka, placing the Vikings in an embarrassing and a humiliating position. The LTTE never had such intentions from the start. The unilateral declaration of halting hostilities was simply a publicity gimmick and the world got conned. The frustrated Nordic moderators will back out by Q2 in 2003 and return to enjoy the Nordic Midnight Sun.

Forecast Number Three - During September 2002 LTTE will kick start with the first volley, leading to full scale hostilities. Their infrastructure for a massive terror campaign is already in place. Although Muslims will initially side with LTTE, but at the height of the campaign, the Muslims will switch on to the South and possibly to face some horror stories.

Forecast Number Four - The Sri Lankan government will be forced to dish out close to a billion dollars worth on state of the art hardware, weaponry and foreign military advisors to put an end to the LTTE menace once and for all. USA or India will not engage themselves directly but by default encourage Israeli participation.

Forecast Number Five - After several assassinations of the top politicians of both leading parties and the death of VP or disappearance (during September 2002 and April 2003), a new generation of Sri Lankan political leaders will emerge before the dawn of 2004. The NE will be reduced to a ghost town.

Eventual Peace will come at a heavy price. Both human and financial. Will be worth every rupee. And at the End of the Rainbow, there will be no Pot of Gold. But a massive hole in the Sri Lankan pocket. My heart bleeds for the poor Sri Lankans!


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