Dear all of you who make a habit of perpetrating lies!

Many of us Expat Sri Lankans are really sad and horrified at the direction in which your new Govt is heading.

Derogatory words by your pompous Foreign Minister against Mr Kadiragamar, the one and only person who virtually single handedly carried the fight against the Tamil Terrorists, right into the inner reaches of International Governments in the genuine interests of our Motherland, have left us speechless! Mr Kadiragamar's tireless work has won him massive international respect for his honesty and integrity.

Your Foreign Minister's behaviour could be likened to a jealous child's tantrum of sorts. Mr Kadiragamar is one of the extremely few HONOURABLE STATESMEN left in Sri Lanka. In any other country they would protect such a person with all their might, keep him safe, sheltered, secure, give him every encouragement and help to serve their Motherland. Not so in Sri Lanka though! Many of us knew that your Govt in waiting had secret pacts with the Tamil Terrorists, contravening the security and future stability of Sri Lanka.

You vehemently denied these facts and further, denied that the ban on the Tamil Terrorists (LTTE) will be lifted. Now it is patently obvious that your leaders are apparently not only naive to the extreme but dishonest, irresponsible, have not an ounce of self respect or even an iota of patriotism in them! I wonder what the other upstanding, honest people in the UNP would be thinking?

What will they do to prevent our Motherland from being further devastated, degraded, grossly insulted and the innocent Sinhala and Muslim people from being subjected to future attacks by the ruthless Tamil terrorists? What will they do to protect the innocent Tamil people, in Batticoloa and the other Tamil Terrorist held areas, from the evil forces of Tamil Terrorism? Shame on you !!

You have destroyed the sacred trust that the innocent people of Sri Lanka placed in you, and for this, one day you all will have to answer...........

PLEASE! In the name of our ancient heritage....Will the real patriots if any, in the UNP, stand up, speak up, and denounce the anti national actions of the present leadership, in crawling and yeilding to the Tamil terrorists' demands whilst the Tamil terrorists have not given up a fraction of a millimetre of their demands!!

Have you forgotten the GONAGALA MASSACRE??
the massacre of hundreds of Muslims engaged in prayers in their Mosque?
The ruthless murder of hundreds of unarmed Police officers in Jaffna, who laid down their arms at the behest of the then misguided Government?
Massacre of Buddhist monks travelling in a bus?
Abuse of and use of innocent Tamil children in the Wanni and Jaffna as 'cannon fodder'?
Murder of numerous Tamil leaders?
Other instances of massacre of hundreds of Sinhala men women and children?
Bombing of the Dalada Maligawa?
Bombing of the World trade centre in Colombo?
Bombing of the Central Bank Building?
Shooting and Suicide bomb murders of numerous people in Sri Lanka?
Assassination of your former leader and President, R. Premadasa?
Assassination of Hon Rajiv Gandhi?

and so many others......... It is indeed difficult for us to understand what has become of this formerly well respected party. We urge you to very seriously consider the consequences of yeilding to the Tamil terrorists' demands without their laying down of arms unconditionally, disarming COMPLETELY, and totally giving up their idea of a separate State of Tamil Eelam, confirmed by a signed document from their leadership.

Whilst the good work done by Hon Kadiragamar, the untiring work by Expatriate Sri Lankan organisations internationally, and the initiation of a Global anti terrorist war by USA have made the Tamil terrorists change their tune due to the international freeze on Terrorist funding and assets, It would be more than foolish for even a moment, to believe that the Tamil terrorists will detract from their original demands when they quite clearly HAVE NOT and have stated that they WILL NOT!

We have no hesitation to raise our hats and bow to Hon Kadiragamar who has done a magnificient job in his position as previous Foreign Minister.

It will surely be a VERY long time before another person of his ilk will hold this most important of positions............. One needs finally to remember that the fight against Tamil terrorism 'dragged on' for so long not due to any pusillanimity of our very capable and noble Armed Forces but due to corrupt political interference and bungling of the highest order.

We continue to pray for the right decisions and right actions to be taken by the Government in the genuine interests of our Motherland.

There is no better way than the Buddha's NOBLE EIGHTFOLD PATH.....
Gamani Goonetilleka
For Exec Comm.
Veera Parakramabahu Foundation incorporating Sri Lankans against terrorism- (SLAT). NSW Australia.


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