Prof. Hudson McLean

We said it over a thousand times. Thousands sacrificed their lives for it. Over the past ten months those who are able and allowed to express, begged for it. But the Sri Lankan government under the leadership of RanilW handed over Paradise on a Gold Platter to the Tamil Tiger Terrorists (TTT).

Paradise Lost!

History repeats itself, once again.

Greed for Power. An act of personal revenge against the late Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the mother of the current President, who nationalised late Esmond Wickramasinghe’s, his father’s Lake House empire.

Sacrificing the country and its people, Selfish Revenge, is sweeter than the blood of the slain. This is not politics. This is purely an unadulterated act of a crime against humanity. Viciousness against the poor innocent people of Sri Lanka.

Those TTT/LTTE cadres who massacred the innocent unarmed citizens of Sri Lanka, are escorted by the Sri Lankan Army, to protect them from the Sinhala, to other parts of the country, to allow the terrorists to sow seeds of terrorism.

This is a Farce! A Shakespearean Tragedy of Errors

Those TTT/LTTE terrorist leaders who masterminded and slaughtered the poor peasants and the Defence Forces, are treated in the best hospitals in the country, at the cost to the tax payers, and save their lives, whilst those Sri Lankan Sinhala, who are in need of medical assistance are allowed to suffer and perish.

Feed the Devil, whilst your own mother and the family are burning!

The Prime Monster RanilW, who was elected by the Sinhala majority, has sold out his own, simply to keep himself a job, perhaps only as the Prime Minister of the South. Still he will be able to wine and dine with the best and the leaders like the President of USA or the PM of UK.

Whatever short life he may enjoy on this earth, he will leave behind a scorched earth legacy to those who rise after him. He will still sport his silly satisfied grin on his face whilst Sri Lanka burns.

The Sinhala must rise now. Tomorrow will never come. Like in many countries like Libya, Egypt, Liberia, etc, there must be a group of junior army officers in the Sri Lankan Army or Navy or the Air Force, who are able to kick the butt off the corrupt Generals and Colonels and lead the country and Regain Paradise!





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