Prof. Hudson McLean

The entire civilised world should offer President Vladimir Putin CONGRATULATIONS! on his rapid ending of the Moscow siege with minimum of casualties.

With over forty heavily armed and explosives loaded Chechen suicide bombers and terrorists holding over eight hundred innocent civilians, the odds of a reasonably quick safe solution looked awfully grim.

President Putin proved to the world that, terrorists must not be allowed to have their way, No compromise and No buckling under pressure.

The British government was quick to react. Prime Minister Tony Blair, according to reliable sources, had contacted President Putin immediately and offered to send squad of the elite British SAS anti terrorist commandos. Within hours, a RAF plane brought the SAS soldiers to Moscow and were advising the elite Russian commandos.

This is a clear lesson to the Sri Lankan Prime Minister who has shown lack of leadership in the face of LTTE/TTT blackmail of a Nation.

No democratically elected leader, in this civilised world, with any decent backbone, will deal with universally Proscribed bunch of Terrorists and accept their demands, under threats of blackmail, without a mandate from the electorate.

Just as the Prime Minister of Spain has said No to the Basque, President Putin sent a clear message to the Chechen terrorists. Prime Minister Blair has taken a heavy hand against the IRA, as well as their political wing Sinn Fein. President George W Bush has said unequivocally that the Al Qaeda or their terrorist supporters will be relegated to history. Now ASEAN countries have applied pressure upon Indonesia to crush the Muslim terrorists in the largest Muslim country in the world.

The LTTE/TTT should know by now that their days are numbered. The most WANTED criminal Velupillai Prabhakaran, Anton Balasingham, Adele Balasingham, Thamil Selvan and their murderous terrorist comrades should be taken in DEAD or ALIVE to stand trial in the Hague, for crimes against humanity, genocide and murder.

India should now take immediate action to arrest and remove Velupillai Prabhakaran to stand trial for the murder of their late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Sri Lankan legislators should now look into the possibility of bringing to justice all those who participated in the attempted
Prof. Hudson McLean (LankaWeb - 09/10/02)

At the same time, the public must stand up now and kick the unwanted, lop sided mediators, such as the Norwegians, led by their Dosai fan Erik Solheim, out of the Island.

The President CBK should now consider dissolving Parliament early in the New Year and hold a Referendum as proposed in
Prof. Hudson McLean (LankaWeb - 09/10/02)

Timing is spot on, right now for CBK to take firm action, to bring a just solution to the Sri Lankan internal ethnic conflict, largely perpetrated by a minority of Sinhala extremists, arms merchants, political opportunists and the LTTE/TTT opportunists.

Once again, let us Send our Sincere and Best Wishes to President Vladimir Putin for his courage, his bold leadership and perfect timing!

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