By Dr.Rangajeeva Rajakaruna

Like Lucifer I feel that I have fallen from heaven to the bottom of the hell but no sin I have committed to fall from grace. It was not long ago that we were jubilant and helping whatever sovereign government in power in Colombo to crush the international movement of our nation's enemy.

With a very articulate Foreign Minister leading us recently we were winning at the international frontier from event to event. Varied foreign governments came to our aid by banning the movement of our enemies, helping to stop the flow of dollars in millions in the pipeline. But alas, the joy was only limited to yesterday. Suddenly we have discovered that everything has reversed.

The clever and articulate man , Lakshman Kadirgamar, has been replaced suddenly by a moron called Tyronne who thinks that Kadirgamar should certainly not have done what he did for mother Lanka.

For instances, Kadirgamar was working very hard to stop the millions flowing from Canada to the war chest of Prabhakaran. In fact, the 400 kilograms of plastic explosives which brought down our Central Bank was bought with the funds collected in Canada.

Even the purchase orders went from Toronto to buy that stuff in Europe to kill rampantly the common civilian on the street in Colombo. Yet, Tyronne the Moron thinks it is no matter for a Foreign Minister to dabble in since, according to his bird's brain crushing terrorism is purely an internal matter for a country as was reported in the Colombo rag sheet called , the Sunday leader, that licks the feet of Prabhakaran and his cohorts like Ponnambalam, week in, week out.

The hack who interviewed Tyronne even did not have the presence of mind to ask him why all this fuss about international terrorism if it was only an internal problem. According to this gibbering idiot's thinking all discussions now taking place from the United Nations downwards on international terrorism should be immediately stopped.

He should boycott the Commonwealth Conference on Terrorism and should send the other moron, Internal Minister John Ameratunga who helped to raid an army safe house in Athurugiriya, with the illusion that he was saving his beloved leader.

I should simply state that I have lost all my respect for degrees offered by the great Oxford University since now I know even morons could obtain them. The greatest tragedy of our history is that even the relatives of the great Puran Appu cannot become anything more than janitors of Prabhakaran.

Those uttering of Tyronne the Moron is enough to gauge the plight of our nation after the victory of a set of quislings, called the United National Front directly representing the interests of our enemies and led by the second Don Juan Dharmapala. As a first step to defeat the enemy, we shall be determined to defeat them since they are nothing more than part of the enemy. What more could we expect from a set of homosexuals and perverted killers of Batalanda notoriety than this great betrayal of our nation


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