Prof. Hudson McLean

The United Nations Inspection Teams may return empty handed from Iraq!

The answers to these couple of dozen questions might have a significant effect on 2003 and on over 60% of the humanity!

1: Did Saddam Hussein move his weapons of mass destruction to Syria?

2: Can the West Alliance ever tame Afghanistan into a “puppy dog” of the West?

3: Will USA start a two-pronged war both with Iraq and North Korea simultaneously and prevail?

4: How can Pakistan-Iran coziness effect the power balance in the Middle East? And what will be the reaction of the USA when one of their Allies become an ally of the “Axis of Evil?”

5: With all possibilities in favour of Iran, will the Pakistani experts accelerate Iran into a nuclear power during 2003-2004?

6: Will Pakistan take advantage of a two-pronged engagement by USA in the Middle East and Far East to threaten Indian Kashmir?

7: How will the LTTE/TTT take advantage of the simultaneous American engagement in Iraq and North Korea to destabilise the Indian sub-continent through Sri Lankan North?

8: Will Israel simply sit and watch during such a mishmash without taking the initiative to wipe out Palestinian terror and possibly annex and consolidate all territories under PLA and possibly Southern Lebanon?

9: Will Al Qaeda-LTTE/TTT cooperation be extended to assist the activities in Jammu and Kashmir, and possibly to a destabilised Indian sub continent in order to accelerate the UDI of Tamil Nadu?

10 :Will this fuel the expansion of a Norwegian colonial empire in Asia using the military capability of LTTE/TTT, with the aid of using illegally secured NATO know-how?

11: Have LTTE/TTT terrorist forces been allowed to access (accidentally leaked) NATO military information by Norwegian NATO forces?

12: In their desire to secure rich natural resources in South Asia, how much of official Norwegian government resources have been channelled through and “under cover” of Erik Solheim into LTTE/TTT domains within and outside Sri Lanka?

13: What are the benefits, both political and financial, offered to RanilWm, MilindaM, Prof GLP, AustinF by both LTTE/TTT and the Norwegian backers for the sell out of Sri Lanka and India, to the Devil?

14: Why has President CBK, a known prime LTTE / TTT / UNF / Norwegian target of assassination, gone to ground on some of the most vital issues facing the Nation? Has her desire to survive overcome her official duties as the Head of State?

15: Why is the SLDF, whose sole function is to defend their Motherland, allowing the Rape of Motherland in broad daylight, by foreign opportunists, and known internationally declared criminal forces, and standing to attention on commands given by Traitors within the government?

Where does the loyalty to Motherland take precedence over the subservience to the Government?

16: Instead of pronouncing a convicted criminal for murder of thousands of innocent Sri Lanka citizens and the assassin of the Indian Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi and a host of political leaders in Sri Lanka as a Traitor, a Sri Lankan Minister of State personifies the leader Velupillai Prabhakaran of the proscribed terrorist group LTTE, a “Patriot”!

By default, what does one call the assassin of a Minister of State who names a Convicted Killer, a Patriot? Perhaps “A Patriotic Saviour of a Nation”.

Does this statement give a free hand and a legal right to assassinate any politician who an assassin considers as a Traitor of the Nation?

17: Are the SLG - UNF front runners in cohorts with the Norwegians and use their LTTE/TTT “Cats Paws” to destabilise India to reward Norway for bringing the UNF to power?

18: Is Norway engineering a destabilised India to carve up and the break-up of India, establish Tamil Nadu as a strategic defensive weapon, to dominate the commercial platform of oil, minerals, fisheries, other natural resources, and shipping in the Bay of Bengal?

19: Have the Sri Lanka Defence Forces evaluated the military consequences to the Defence of Sri Lanka, with the LTTE/TTT having access to state-of-the-art NATO know how and technology, courtesy of a NATO member, Norway?

20: If the Indian Defence Forces establish that the LTTE/TTT have access to high technological NATO resources through Norway, which might cause a military threat to the security of Southern India as well as the entire sub Continent, will IDF decide that it is their obligation (in self defence) to neutralise this threat unilaterally, without any approval from the SLG?

A state-of-the art Satellite broacasting utility may be used as a strategic and an offensive weapon, without firing a shot.

21: With the accelerated development of the Muslim alliances which may cause a direct threat to Israel, and hinder the Western stabilising efforts in the Middle East, Afghanistan and the potential war with Iraq, will USA support an Indian invasion of Sri Lanka to neutralise the Norwegian led LTTE/TTT terrorist threat?

A stable democratic unified India is a vital component to balance a potential Pakistan-Iran and a Syria-Iraq nuclear power axis, especially with the Indian nuclear defensive policy of “No Strike First” principle.

22: Having declared that, “Any country which supports terrorism is anti American and is against Freedom!”, will the USA be bold enough to apply the same tar brush on the Norwegians for supporting terrorism and supporting an internationally proscribed terrorist group known as the LTTE?

23: Since annexing Sri Lanka by India will be counter productive, should India send an intermediary IDF (Land-Sea-Air) to support SLDF as an interim measure to contain and engage terrorism?

24: Is the Top Brass of SLDF waiting until the “Horse has Bolted” before they decide and act to lock the door or are there any lame excuses for not acting promptly with determination to win?

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