Is Our Foreign Minister Now going to Campaign for the LTTE De-Proscription Internationally?

By Wanshanatha Deshabandhu

Apart from the contempt we have expressed for the most undiplomatic statements of Tyronne Fernando which are most likely to arouse the wrath of our neighbor, India regarding the international proscription of the terrorist group, the LTTE we have to see beyond him and consider the statement as the UNF foreign policy regarding international terrorism.

Tyronne Fernando most likely made that statement as a condition of the UNF-LTTE pre-election agreement, which may or may not have been reached through the LTTE proxy the Tamil National Alliance.

Whatever it is, telling the world about the Tyronne doctrine on international terrorism, that dealing with the subject is not part of our foreign policy would reverse Sri Lanka’s leading position the country maintained for a long period of time in the international parleys under the guidance of the most articulate foreign Minister we ever had since independence.

The serious question, before us is whether Tyronne Fernando is going to take a neutral stance or supportive position for the rebels under the declared policy when Tamil Tigers vigourously start canvassing with foreign governments for de-proscription since Kadirgamr did a terrible mistake according to him in approaching foreign governments to ban the LTTE.. We would also like to ask Tyronne Fernando what assurances he would have from the LTTE that they would not use funds collected in these de-proscribing countries for the dismemberment of our island. I hope one day we would be able to prosecute both of these brainless-duo for treason.

While we understand the policy about terrorism was also a pre-condition of the elections in which Prabhakaran compensated Ranil Wickremesinghe by thousands of votes and millions in funds we would like to ask Tyronne Fernando and Ranil Wickremesinghe whether they had also agreed to reverse Sri Lanka’s position regarding child soldiers at an international level to appease the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The brainless duo would soon make Sri Lanka an international pariah for the sake of the murderer Prabhakaran. We must not forget that both individuals became notorious for killing hundreds of unarmed people for political purposes. So, one cannot expect the contempt we have for Prabhakaran from Ranil Wickremesinghe for the Karaiyar murderer.

Reading through the lines of the Tamil Guardian this week one understands that the terrorist group is going to vigorously campaign to impress the world that they were no terrorists but a liberation army. They have given an exclusive contract to the BBC to film them training as a conventional army implying they are nothing more than a separate state. According to them they lack only international recognition to declare themselves a separate state and thanks to quislings like Ranil and Tyronne whose ancestors became rich by licking the shoes of the imperialists they would no doubt achieve it.

No Bishop’s nephew is going to save this predominantly Buddhist Sinhala nation from falling apart. Unfortunately there is an agreement between newspaper and TV station owners since even before the elections to censor certain writers , some partly and the others completely to stop the Sri Lankans from knowing the truth about the agreement between Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. This could be reversed only by establishing tabloid newspapers exposing the truth. Some expatriates should seriously think about investing little money in such a venture without aligning themselves with a political party that would seriously hamper the credibility of the newspaper.

Unfortunately, the JVP is the only political group which has come forward to fight the issue. We hope more groups , not necessarily political, would come forward to fight this government of homosexuals and perverted killers of Batalanda notoriety.


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