Tyrrone F, not worth even a hair of illustrious Weera Puran Appu

Dr Eric Wimalaweera

It was reported in the media that that the Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Tyronne Fernando had informed the People’s Republic of China that the LTTE was not involved in the attack of the Chinese trawler last month. This is not the first occasion Tyrrone, who could be considered, as a funny character of the UNF government, made statements defending LTTE and it’s leader.
In one previous occasion he said that “Prabhakaran has proved himself a better patriot of Sri Lanka than many of the buffoons who pretend to be patriots.” He is the only minister of UNF government who blamed the former Foreign Minister Laxman Kadirgarmar for his international campaign to ban the LTTE (the writer is personally aware that Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe has a high regard of Mr Kadirgarmar and was even thinking of inviting him to be the Foreign Minister of the UNF government just after it was elected).

It is no wonder that the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission which has been biased towards the LTTE to have issued statements exonerating LTTE of the above attack. But it is a great insult to the intelligence of the Sri Lankan naval forces when the Foreign Minister has audacity to white wash the barbarians. The pithy Sinhala saying ‘Gona vunath - Umbey Nokiyan’ is appropriately applicable to the Foreign Minister as he has spoken without thinking-as usual- of the repercussions to Sri Lankan Navy and to all Defence forces..

Recently one Mr Christie Cooray a relative of Weera Puran Appu responding to an article titled ‘It was a great tragedy in our history that even relatives of the Great Puran Appu ended up as janitors of Prabhakaran.’ stated that “ Tyronne Fernado’s acclaimed relationship with our ancient hero may also be a sham”. He further mentioned that “Since I am a relative of Puran Appu I was little embarrassed and disappointed as I have always been patriotic like my ancestral warrior relative who fought like a lion against the British imperialists. But this lowly green politician has been making poojas to “para suddas” all throughout his life. He may even have killed the little bit of Moratuwa patriotism in all of us when he got married to an anti-Sinhala Tamil woman in England who later divorced him before his departure to Sri Lanka. Whatever remaining patriotism in him would have been wiped out due to his Calvinistic religious roots that are entangled with virulent Tamil racism today. Eric Solheim’s patronage of Prabhakaran is based on similar links. “

If as claimed,Tyrrone Fernando (or Tyrrone Appu) is a great grand son of late Weera Puran Appu ( many would doubt from his actions) there is no doubt today, that illustrious defender of our country must be turning in his grave!



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