Pirapaharan's Rabid And Treasonous Barkings Towards Secession Probably A Provocation And A Testing Of Sri Lanka's Patience Together With That Of Her Allies!

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Described as 'belligerent' by some analysts the 'rabid dog' has barked on LTTE Heroes' Day in what some would compare to a grave provocation and the testing of patience of Sri Lanka and her allies!

Velupillai Pirapaharan the LTTE's leader's address to his cohorts now suggests that perhaps it is time appropriate the International dragnet around him should be tightened and the vermin apprehended and brought to justice on the grounds of treason against a Sovereign Nation or hold him to his proclamation and asked to do his worst ( which does not seem the better option by way of its speculative nature! ) while inviting the global coalition against terrorism into the confines of Sri Lanka together with the law enforcement agencies seeking his apprehension and indictment!
However, "ignorance" it is said "is bliss " endorsed by the fact that he has had the affront to announce himself as the representation of the Tamil People (confirmation needed here!) yet needs to be emphasized as an all important fallout of the Administration being overly conciliatory to the LTTE and in being quoted as saying that " the Tamil people would have no option but to secede from Sri Lanka and form an independent state of Tamil Eelam, if the leaders of the majority Sinhala community continued to deny the Tamil people their rights and stall attempts at reconciliation" end quote which very comprehensively indicates the man's rabid nature and insecure state of mind suggesting a psychotic and despot mentality where he has threatened to drag the Tamil Community into the mire he seems to be headed for unless they now totally reject him as their representation!

The opportunity has also been now provided for the Administration and the President to respond to the ignominious statement made by an equally ignominious terrorist leader to educate him on negative implications of the dangerous rhetoric he has indulged in especially because of the danger it poses to the Tamil Community he has taken upon his shoulders to represent without any overall mandate and the backlash it is more than likely to promote within the already perturbed Sinhala Nation !
It comes as a point towards questioning validity and entitlement to a license of the 'Voice of Tigers Radio Broadcast' and official Tamil internet sources which have distributed a message from Pirapaharan which has said that "If the Sinhala chauvinistic ruling elites continue to deny the rights of our people, and oppose reconciliation, and if the conditions of oppression continue, we have no alternative other than to secede and form an independent state invoking the right to self determination of a people," and obviously needs to be challenged for its veracity and intent! High talking further he has said that "We urge the Sinhala political leadership not to create the objective conditions that would drive our people to seek the ultimate option," end quote.

In lighter vein it has to be said that to the Sinhala Nation the level of credence through all of Pirapaharan's exclamations seem equitable to a Moses on a mission to liberate his community while awaiting a parting of the Indian Ocean which might perhaps lead him to Tamil Nadu? As to the reception at that end, one needs to ponder upon!
At a mire serious level,the Nation now awaits an apt response from its leaders who are now obliged to provide great expectations for the Sinhala Nation and its proud heritage threatened by a terrorist towards fortifying securities towards its sovereignity! while the World probably observes all of this in utter amazement!
So what does the LTTE leader in hiding have for an agenda in his threat to secede? His imagined capitulation of the Sinhala Nation to his puerile yet mendacious threats brought on by his tough rhetoric, tough in his own mind perhaps, yet a voicing in the wilderness of the Wanni as far as the Sinhala Nation is concerened! on the simplest rationale that if a puny coward such as Pirapaharan could have implemented his threat in reality , perhaps it might have been accomplished long ago where history points to the contrary! and Sri Lanka continues to be a Sovereign Nation

"Surely despite the threats being rhetorical from a megalomaniacal individual, such expressions need to be promptly disillusioned that their threatening nature will be of no consequence other than to provide further justification towards a faster apprehension and indictment by the long arm of justice for all the crimes against humanity and a Sovereign Nation committed by the individual in question continuing to threaten a Sovereign Democratic Nation supported and protected by the International Staus Quo which defends all sovereignities against terrorists such as himself and the rest of the enclave and one which would never hesitate to collectively crush such miserable ambitions while meting out the appropriate punitive action which has been a long time coming!



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