Gone But Not Forgotten
Tribute To Harold de Andrado (1929 -2004 )

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Sri Lanka and St Joseph's College have lost one of the greatest sports personalities and cricket correspondents of all time, the evergreen Harold de Andrado who passed away on the 5th of November 2004 at the age of 75 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.He was truly a legend in time which now stands still as all the Sri Lankans who knew him, particularly old Joes of his vintage pay tribute to him as his memory lives on.

Harold's associations with the game of cricket began at the tender age of 11 as a student of St Joseph's which nutured his skills and love of the game which eventually reached great heights as a cricketing personality although he never played for his country while excelling at college and club level for the Nondescripts Cricket Club of Colombo, the NCC where he eventually was the Patron. The NCC paid tribute to his memory in remembering and honoring him with a moment of silence prior to the Premier Division game against Kurunegala S.C. which was played shortly after the news of his passing .

His contemporaries at St Joseph's during the 50's and 60's knew Harold to be an exceptionally gifted person both in academics as well as in sports and was admirably a Josephian icon with his tireless efforts towards maintaining the image of St Josephs, the Laurels of Josephian Cricket which at one time were carried high as invincibles while being the custodian of Josephian Cricketing Archives which he maintained meticulously over the years as his pride and joy and many are the Josephians who remember his tireless dedications which were truly limitless.Consequently the name Harold de Andrado was synonymous with Josephian cricket to a hallowed extent as the Doyen of Josephian Cricket and recognized as one of the greatest sons of St. Josephs who dedicated much of his time to his beloved St Josephs and rose to the highest ranks as a cricketing Ambassador Extraordinaire both for his Alma Mater and his country.

Harold was a man for all seasons, a gentleman of great magnanimity with a huge exuberance for the game he loved best and blessed with a journalistic acumen of brilliance which was portrayed continuously for decades as a renowned international cricket correspondent covering many international cricket games played overseas, for foreign newspapers as well as two prominent local newspapers in his day where he was sports editor and also wrote a wonderfully readable column for The Cricketer International for many years. He rose to the highest ranks as a correspondent and had great flair and poise in the executions of his writings and aptly dubbed by some as the Neville Cardus of Sri Lankan cricket!.

Harold associated with a wide circle of friends who were prominent within the cricketing world and clinked glasses with the likes of Sir Donald Bradman and others of high repute where his identity as one of Sri Lanka's best known sporting personalities was greatly respected. He was also in touch with cricketing greats from many other parts of the world while he associated closely with some of the great names of Australian cricket, some of whom have already preceded him to their eternal rest and had a great affinity for that country which he chronicled often in his writings as a wonderful nation with beautiful playing fields with their hard surfaced brown topped wickets.

Harold was revered by all the Josephian cricketers who benefited by his extensions of wisdom on how to play the game as many remember the congenial Harold strolling upto the nets to offer words of encouragement during practise at St Josephs and the NCC and how his presence illuminated any cricket game, in particular ' The Battle of the Saints ' which he graced for many decades and in his final year was accoladed and honored as the Chief Guest of the 70th Joe-Pete Encounter in 2003 at the Colombo Oval, ( P. Sara Stadium ) a memorable tribute though sad in its significance as Harold's last big match.

He will truly be missed by those who knew him as well as the ones who knew of him and in particular, from his Alma Mater and the cricketing world.

May God Grant Him Eternal Peace.

"For when that great reporter comes, to write against his name. He Asks not if he won or lost, but how he played the game"

And Harold played magnificiently!



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