CBK and the Prince’s mansion
Evening Standard editor stands by his report

by Sujeeva Niunhella in London

The Editor of the Evening Standard newspaper has stood by his paper’s recent exposure that former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga has purchased Prince Andrew’s famous Southyork Mansion.

President Kumaratunga vehemently denied the newspaper article. However, the editor had emphasized that the story was true and it was obtained from a most reliable source.

The Evening Standard in its report said the price paid for the mansion is not known, though the Prince had been desperate to off-load it for ten million pounds sterling and it had been on the market for about three years.

The mansion designed by Sir James Dunbar Nasmith, on the Berkshire-Surrey border, the newspaper says, had been written off as a white elephant and the Prince, after divorcing Sarah Duchess of York in 1992, had wanted to sell his mansion, Sunninghill Park and move into the nearby Royal Lodge, formerly the residence of the Queen Mother.

The Evening Standard has also said Mrs. Kumaratunga, having snapped up two flats in Paris this year, was keen to buy an English home to be nearer to her son, who recently qualified as a vet and her daughter, a doctor at a UK hospital.

However, a denial signed by P. Dissanayake, secretary to the former President, had said that the article was a total fabrication of facts which seems to be published with malicious intent of bringing disrepute on the former President.



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