A lesson on education, for the MUTTsuura at UNESCO.

Ben Silva UK

Mr Matsuura is on record for quoting [1] "Regardless of the content of the broadcasts aired by the Voice of Tigers, there can be no excuse for military strikes on civilian media,"

The content of broadcasts made by VOT is very relevant, as VOT with its various broadcasts, use NLP techniques to alter the behaviour patterns and thought processes of the listeners. Messages glorifying terrorism, suicide bombers and racial hatred are likely to cause cognitive structures in the brains of listeners, making them prone to become suicide bombers and develop racial hatred towards Sinhalese.

If Mr Matsuura has any knowledge of theory of education, he would have known that the content of a communication influence the thought processes of the receiver.

By making statements such as the one given above, gives the impression that he has a poor knowledge, if at all, on the theory of education. Time has come for us to call a spade, a spade and we should not be afraid to tell the truth.

By silencing VOT, the probability of creating persons with racial hatred and also creating potential suicide bombers is reduced. Therefore Mr Matsuura should not have condemned the silencing of VOT.

With such a poor display of knowledge, on theory of education, how on earth did he end up as the chief of UNESCO ?

Can a terrorist supporter, though indirectly, be allowed to continue to head UNESCO ? By not retracting his original statement, many believe he is digging a hole for himself.

It looks like behind the scene manipulators (Tamil Tigers) are using the Director of UNESCO to their advantage.


1. UNESCO Director General skillfully avoided apology and retraction (AT)

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