Mr Anandasangaree, What a Brilliant Proposal!

Dilrook Kannangara

In an open letter to the President, V Anandasanaree makes a brilliant proposal. He beats about the bush for long before he gets down to business. The obvious weakness of the President is his inability to handle praise although he handles criticism very well. Knowing this well, many unworthy elements including the colourful Minister-with-a-doctorate have taken refuge under his table. Exploiting and manipulating this weakness or sympathy is exactly what Anandasangaree does. The lengthy praise includes great adornments no one has thus far bestowed on the President. If the President is the Chairperson of an organisation comprising nations with a total population of over 1.7 billion, why on earth he needs the assistance of India to solve the problem of his own little country of 20 million people?

He thinks it is pure fortune that Sri Lanka has no dispute with any other state in the region. This is the same individual who, in 2002, requested India to review the stand on the ‘Kachchativu dispute’! Further, he fails to acknowledge that India has the most number of disputes (with others) in the region. To make things spicier, India’s disputes are with other regional member states!

He thinks the SARRC Summit – possibly the same as the SAARC Summit – is a golden opportunity for India to mess up with Sri Lankan internal affairs. After all the Indians already have three (3) warships, their crack commandoes and a large band of troops in Sri Lanka. May be he needs a lesson in democracy because in a democracy there is a process of decision making. In a democracy, decisions are not made out of infatuation. People of this country are putting up with malicious fiscal mismanagement, corruption, wastage, human rights violations, unbearable cost of living, highest inflation in Asia, intermittent terrorist attacks, undue elections and many other circuses and curses with only one hope. They are bound together with the hope that their friends and relatives in armed forces will exterminate the LTTE and bring about a lasting solution to this terrorist menace. They are hoping and waiting till the day when they can without any hindrance settle down, live, work and prosper in every nook and corner of this unitary island nation including Vanni and Jaffna. They are patiently waiting for security forces to blast the mythical ‘Tamil Homeland’ into pieces so that it can never see daybreak again!

The last thing people want is the government to soft paddle the war and prolong it. They also don’t want any outside interference at this stage when everything is stacked against the LTTE.

The veteran politician who lost at the last election and failed to get elected says, “Your Excellency must take this opportunity to tell the Nation that you are assigning the task of finding a lasting solution reasonable enough for all to accept, in the hands of our friendly neighbours of the SARRC in whom you have absolute faith.” Doesn’t the learned President have any faith in his people, his armed forces and his parliament to find a lasting solution for the problem they are facing?

He further says that his proposal should be acceptable to all those who love ‘this’ country! After he asserts that his proposal is acceptable to all, he states that the President may seek mere opinions of religious leaders and heads of political parties.

Even in the remote possibility of the President complying with Anandasangaree’s request, Parabakaran will not let down Sri Lanka! He will not honour a ceasefire, not lay down arms, not withdraw the demand for Tamil Elam and he will not accept arbitrary decisions of outside arbitrators on Tamil Elam for which he fought for over 32 years.

If Anadansangaree is concerned about civilians used as human shields by the LTTE, he should support security forces in reducing civilian casualties, not get down outsiders to solve our problems. The Sri Lankan army has been miles ahead of the IPKF in the number of sexual offences committed on the people of the North-East, infrastructural damages caused and civilian casualties in the warfront.

Don’t play the part of a circus clown, Mr Anandasangaree. Sri Lanka is at the most crucial stage of this war. LTTE is at the brink of extinction and we are at the verge of making history. Everyone who loves Sri Lanka must unconditionally support the war. It is our war, our way and our solution.

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