Death was dancing in Mumbai
Ached each heart wept each eye
In lion's voice roared the "Rat"
Blacken "Green" and finish "ISI"


Who is behind the curtain? Whose face is smoke screened, veiled or brumous? Let the nation run from a state of moribund to morbid but India will never look in to the mirror to see her horrid face because this will be arduous to digest the truth as she her self will stand responsible to any holocaust like the one blasted Mumbai. This was a well planned cataclysmal and well thought fracas to which the "RAW" being the main architect tried its best to push back the dates of 26 / 11 while dragging its frame to fit on 9 / 11. As the fire broke out that painted the silvery windows of Taj & Oberai's hotels and commentators on all the Indian channels shouting in total chaos and fiasco waffled "this is an act of Pakistan and especially of ISI". Then the chain of Indian leadership lead by Parnab Mukherji totally out of senses in a wild wrath started blame gaming ISI & Pakistan. One must salute the ISI who at the first instance has achieved the moral ascendancy over "RAW" or the Military Intelligence of India. When the child is born in any part of India, it is taken for granted that the baby is crying due to the "ISI" of Pakistan, unless doctor tells the parents ISI is not involved and it is a natural phenomenon.


How tragic it is the India has lost her vision, patience and sense of equilibrium. Nations are tested when put to trial, trauma and tribulation. Unlike India, being driven by the sore policies of the "RAW" which tries its best to act in a manner to make a simple thing difficult so that it should appear some Gestapo artisan has burnt his fingers. Mumbai catastrophe is a true face of the "RAW" which has miserably failed in its professional acumen.

The terrorists with their weapons & all the paraphernalia had sailed in a boat all the way from Karachi to Mumbai without being detected by the powerful Indian Navy, deceiving intelligence systems; beguiling security devices and jumping through the busy streets of Mumbai with their luggage were ultimately presented two fully guarded hotels in two plates to shoot in leisure, make statements on Indian television network and kill especially the foreigners in a funny manner. For how long" RAW" would pull the wool over eyes of the world! For India, the poor foreigners were the only commodity available to be slaughtered thus to attract and involve other countries to get frenzy over Pakistan. This is an outdated style to which the world is well conversant about the fact, that it was alone India which went for misadventure to kink Sikkim, it was no one else except India which went for a ride in Sri-Lanka to play with its toy the LTTE, it was she which formed Mukti -Bahni Force to dissect Pakistan and cut its two arms, on Nov 30, 1988, it was India on behest of "RAW" conducted operation against Maldives to stage a drama which lasted for 24 hours only to serve Indian designs of expansionism. All the resources of Nepal are being swigged by India, Tibet remains in turmoil as the India being pregnant of the government in exile headed by Dalai Lama along with his huge number of followers to play on her tunes to punch China as and when "RAW's" wisdom prevails and Bhutan was compelled by India to oust those who speak Nepalese dialect then vouchsafe the refugees hermitic in Nepal. It was once again "RAW" which designed to blast its embassy in Kabul while sacrificing her own people to make rat holes in Afghanistan and thus she succeeded as well to move her forces in a Muslim country in which she can freely play her games and twist the tail of Pakistan with much affluence. India is now involved in her nefarious activities on the western borders of Pakistan, funding Baloch liberation Army & Taliban as well and equipping them with arms and ammunition. The trained Indian agents most probably hailing from the regular armed forces, in the garb of Taliban as well stand indulged in bomb blasts in various parts of Pakistan and even slaughtering the innocent civilians, when caught by the law enforcing agencies, found the said soldiers uncircumcised which remain a valuable proof separating Hindus from Muslims launched only to incapacitate the peace of Pakistan. In light of the above one can be sure enough to say the Mumbai's carnage is the crying fact conducted by the "RAW" which remains the biggest folly on her part.


MOSSAD, CIA & the RAW is a trio which is fragmenting Asia and India in her fullest belief considers Israel as her Christ who will make her survive in any encumbrance. In particular this can prescribe a genius option to banter Pakistan due to the expertise it has achieved while rummaging Palestine & rest of the Muslim countries. RAW being the pupil of MOSSAD gets inflated in her shoes & Israel has an access to everything, while CIA is exercising love hoaxing trap for India to make her prepare launching pads to shoot at China. India being misanthropist with the borrowed crutches has been intoxicated and mostly gets involved in the monkey business while designing rogues even at the cost of annihilating her own people. Indian nation must rise to tear apart the sheath of schizophrenic actions carried out by their leadership. For how long India can play game blaming, killing her own subjects & every time trying to attract the world to ruin Pakistan. Every now and then innocent people of India are being massacred while the RAW coining stupid plans of heinous nature exactly on the lines of CIA which blasted the aero plane of General Zia ul Haq had sacrificed her own ambassador to spray dust in to the eyes of the world. This is an old style of secret war fashioned only to dismay the character of Pakistan at the cost of slaying the guiltless people of India.


Mumbai's pogrom is a cynical drama & a horrendous act of the "RAW" which was staged only to unleash war while attracting the western countries to counter Pakistan exactly on the lines of America who succeeded in the recent past to gather most of the countries to launch offensive against Iraq & Afghanistan. But there was dearth of fire, anaemic plan, fragile propaganda and building it solely on the macabre of foreigner's killings stand as a howling echo mimicking at her. It should be understood by India if you have to follow the foot prints of America then evolve a magnificent plan like CIA, having innovative idea where the two jets striking but yet not chopping off the world trade center thus making it fall like a mushroom as if some detonators were installed in the foundation. Then compare the death toll as well and the losses too. Also with bigger losses one could afford to browbeat the U.N.O. charter and the title subject chosen as the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" with it one could easily frighten the world to amass and strike Iraq. Let there be a rat coming out or pair of "SHOES", reaching on to the oil wealth has surmised the mission.

Now to analyse the Mumbai's Carnage this melodrama casting hype in Asia has brought the two armies, while India taking the initiative to gaze at each other on the Line of Control. When the whole world is eagerly waiting to say sayonara to Bush on 20th Jan 2009, to leave the White House the "RAW" was eternalizing the Mumbai attack in the different form to grab maximum benefits before the aforesaid date and for the CIA as well which has the plans to weave such a network which should make an arduous task for Mr. Obama to unshackle the policies of the George Bush at least for his term in the Oval Office & always MOSSAD ready to give it a last push. The attackers of the Mumbai episode were clean shaven, wearing arm bands and drinking wine so if at all they belonged to some Islamic militant faction then why their posture presented as Hindu extremists! They roamed in the open sea and remained undetected for complete one week is a big question for the Indian intelligence agencies to answer. People of Pakistan hold Mr. Hemant Kurkaray in very high esteem who had unmasked the impersonation of Hindu extremists in the Samjhota Express carnage and the Malegon massacre. So it is out of question to say any Muslim group would like to kill Mr. Kurkray who was extremely honest and whose professional integrity was above board. Because he was the one who did not hesitate to arrest Col Purohit & a major both serving in the military intelligence of India, involved in the massacre of 68 Pakistanis who were burnt to death in the Samjhota Express carnage. Pakistan is therefore justified in demanding the extradition of Col Purohit, Bal Thakaray, Chief Minister Modi, & A.K. Advani. Mr. Kurkuray was sent to a place where the terrorists did not exist, away from the hotels of Taj or Oberai & was hit at the back, that's why the family did not accept any grief sharing sentiments from the government representatives. When Mr. Antulay Minister for Minorities raised this issue in the Indian Parliament that an independent inquiry be held in context of the killing of Mr. Kurkuray a lot of hue and cry was raised and later on Mr. Antulay had to tender his resignation. There is all the possibility that deep organized conspiracy is involved in the killing of Mr. Kurkuray and has been punished only for his honesty as such an appeal has been lodged by a well renowned advocate namely Mr. Amin Solkar in the Mumbai High Court in this it has been prayed to form an independent neutral tribunal which should unveil the truth of mystery killing of Mr. Kurkuray and his 6 members of the Anti-Terrorist Squad. He got killed because he had uncovered the strong net work of terrorists belonging to the serving Army Officers coupled with Hindu Extremist Organizations. It appears that whole the Mumbai drama was staged to kill Mr. Kurkuray and his colleagues who were bent upon disclosing real actors of terrorism.


For how long India would dance on the wisdom of "RAW"& make her poor innocent subjects victim of atrocities! For how long this blame gaming of Pakistan would go on to satisfy the mourning people of India crying on their loved ones like Kurkuray! Well in the past India did succeed to break up Pakistan but this period is not 1971 nor India is U.S.A. who allows her to wear the shoes of C.I.A. to get her own plans satisfied, just by wearing the skin of lion, rat can never become lion. Have mercy on the people of India whose blood is running through the streets, reminding you the verse of Sahir Ludhianvi………………………………………!



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