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Eviction Of Suspicious Individuals With No Valid reason To Be In Colombo Or Any Built Up Areas, Competely Justifiable Towards National Security!

June 14th 2007

The recent furore in parliament by all the politicos from different camps opposed to the eviction of Tamils of no fixed abode, vagrants and ne'er do wells intent on providing leads and information to the LTTE terrorists( probably their paymasters!) with no viable reason to be in Colombo, is a storm in a teacup involving a bunch of myopic anti Rajapaksha elements who have absolutely no right to condemn what many analysts see as preventive action against further LTTE infiiltration into Sinhalese populated areas and if they cannot perceive the reasoning behind this should give up participating in active politics and take up some other vocation conducive to their myopea which of course can be none other than political redundancy.

It is bad enough that the TNA have encroached into parliament illegally through rigged votes in the last election tending to cause confusion and mayhem at almost every sitting of Parliament and are also deserving of being hounded and chased back to whence they came from to their Tamil enclaves, but to watch the UNP, SLMC the JVP and TULF take up arms almost opportunistically against a Governmental move which despite the harshness of the action by the definition of the more gentle is a mandatory move knowing fully well the LTTE's track record of utilising human shields with no compassion to avoid the Armed Forces advances as well as any means available to them and cold be killers in the guise of ordinary citizens pretentiously uninvolved with the terrorist cause somewhat contentious.True enough it may be hard to separate some innocents from those who have been sent into Colombo for the very purpose of setting up bases for future attacks particularly when the likes of Thamilselvam and Illanthirayan have openly threatened to do so! and can the risk of the overall danger to public security through the tolerance of all and sundry be realistically taken? Does this not portray who is to blame for the chagrin of innocent Tamils as none other then the LTTE themselves! So what is the opposition bickering about?

Consequently if the Tamils who have been rounded up and sent back to their villages are being lamented for by these politicos they must be reminded that it is indeed the LTTE themselves who are responsible for the chagrin of these individuals yet have the nerve to call themselves the liberators of Tamils and the protestations on their behalf could be interpreted as terrorist favourable and these opponents of Governmental policy made to look somewhat ignorant!!
Whether or not'some Tamils' by definition are most unfortunately inconvenienced seems inconsequential towards the greater need as the argument in favour of the action far overrides babysitting a bunch of more than likely terrorist friendly Tamil civilians who cannot justify what their objectives are about being where they are on the basis that its better to be safe than sorry!where the benefit of the doubt needs to be given to the Governmental action! A sovereign nation fighting a scourge of terrorism and the sycophants who carry buckets in their favour whether in Parliament,Tamil Nadu or anywhere else on planet earth need to be damned to consternation for their unsavoury criticism!

Otherwise the many LTTE attrocities in Sinhalese areas alone, over decades might as well be accepted in dumb resignation and the many prominent leaders who have paid the ultimate sacrifice at the hands of the LTTE criminals would have to be shamefully admitted to as victims of the byproducts of gross Governmental neglect as it is time for action and in a very forcefull manner disregarding the sentimentalities involved.

The condemnations of the main political parties of Sri Lanka including the United National Party, the Tamil National Alliance, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, the Marxist JVP, the TULF, the New Left Front who have severely criticised the Government of Sri Lanka's action of forcible eviction of Tamils from the capital Colombo fail to align with the stark reality that no stone can be left unturned in Sri Lanka's war against terrorism involving the LTTE and any tears shed for any suspected supportives of the LTTE are tantamount to crocodile tears where the governmental crackdown on suspicious individuals would seem completely justified and a complete necessity!
In the face of all the mass political confusion by some politicians about why these safety measures are imperative towards the security of Sri 'capital as well as all other towns and cities likely to be infiltrated by the terrorists if neglected it seems admirable and in a very patriotic sense needing recognition that only the Sinhala Buddhist Party the JHU has come out in support of minority Tamil evictions and pathetic that the rest of the opposition have chosen the path of opportunism where their acquiesences should have been unanimous but apathetically not so!. The plaudits of the JHU towards the Governmental action commendable as perceptive and in all wisdom necessary that what has transpired by evicted Tamils, virtual' persona non grata' in Colombo, now said to be around 500 packed in 50 passenger buses and transported to the cities of Vavuniya, Batticaloa and Trincomalee being inevitable and more than likely to restore a degree of security despite the post mortems while synonymously a clear message is sent out to the LTTE terrorists that their transparencies have once again been discovered and exposed while those of their own community have become pawns in a deadly game of chess!

And to the totally misguided and myopic pundits who prefer to draw analogies to the Government's decision to evict undesirable loiterers of no fixed address on the suspicion of their surreptitious involvement in criminal as well as terrorist supportive activities as "ethnic cleansing, draconian as well as Hitlerian" according to some, may it be said that their rhetoric does not even marginally provide what the Government of Sri Lanka has initiated as a safety measure of a preventive nature for the law abiding people who reside in these areas particularly in Colombo ! It further needs to be followed up with the destabilization of all enclaves suspected of being pro actively LTTE supportive and there are many of these known to be perfectly functional and operative in many parts of the country which should be the next major assignment for the Law Enforcement Organizations of Sri Lanka in an all out drive to rid the natiion completely of the scourge of terrorism while totally dismantling all their operative capabilities!



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