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Karuna's Emergence As A Contending Force Of Tamil Representation Needs Consideration As Well As His Call To Eliminate Norway from The Peace Process.

At long last after decades of suffering induced by the murderous and rapacious intent of the mainstream LTTE who rocked the replendent Island of Sri Lanka under the false pretext of liberating the Tamil minority whose leader is none other than a megalomaniacal self centred cowardly despicable terrorist who continues to carry out his covertly mendacious crimes whilst in hiding there is an emerging clarion of Tamil leadership which could have far reaching consequences towards the real well being of the Sri Lankan Tamils, as well as the eventual demise of Velupillai Pirapaharan.The emergence of a new Tamil political force under the leadership of Col Karuna has givec cause for much hope for the Tamil Community which could augur well for all of Sri Lanka provided it delivers the needs of the Tamils without ursurpance of the inherant status of the Sinhala Nation, its constitution sovereignity and territorial integrity.

There seem to be many simple realities relevent towards correcting the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka and being pellucidly illustrated by the advent of the' Karuna Factor' as it has become popularly known, that there is more towards the well being of the Sri Lankan Tamils than following the idealogies of the Liberation Tigers of Pirapaharan often shoved down the throats of the gullible and weak minded with no capacity to object for fear of reprisals where the moderations of Karuna seemingly possesed of far superior leadership qualities is much more acceptable and plausible than his nefarious counterpart whose two faced surreptitious meanderings which often transforms into vicious and wantom killings of opponents.

As far as the mainstream Tamil Tigers( LTTE) are concerned the trend still continues ably backed by their shot in the arm Tamil National Alliance as Parliamentary Proxy to cover up their criminality with the likes of the obdurate SP Thamilselvam and Anton Balasingham often creating the necessary diversions and eventual justifications and high time as emphasized by Karuna to take remedial and affirmative action in response.

In a recent quote by 'Tikiribanda' it has been emphatically stated that quote "Sri Lanka must be the only country where a government engaged in a terrorist war is helping the terrorists by giving them Air force and Army escorts for terrorists to travel about, bringing them from their terrorist controlled areas to Colombo by Air Force helicopters, placing them in 5 star hotels in Colombo and then sent by Sri Lankan Airlines abroad only to lambaste the very government at International meetings. Sri Lanka qualifies for an International Joker's award." end quote and intrinsically true!

Primarily the more discerning amongst the Tamil Community are beginning to realise the disaparity between the strong armed mainstream LTTE and its rival faction led by Karuna where the former appears to be losing much ground by way of credibility and the latter gaining in momentum with the confidence of the more moderate Tamils to whom Karuna has reached out to in more ways than one and above all providing a gleam of hope towards correcting their troubles and that they will not be intimidated towards recognizing his leadership unlike that of his counterpart!. This must surely be a time of awakening amongst the Tamil diaspora scattered around the globe whose impure support and financing of the mainstream LTTE's unworthy cause over the years which has only resulted in mayhem for the entire Nation including the Tamils where contrition on their part may not necessarily be presented but ammends certainly makeable through support for the Karuna Bandwagon while promoting his idealogies for the well being of the Tamil People and synonymously denouncing Velupillai Pirapaharan the despot!

In a remarkable dispensation of perception the breakaway faction of the Tamil Tiger rebel (Karuna faction) has recently expressed concerns about Norway's involvement in Sri Lanka's Peace Process while demanding that Norwegian mediators should withdraw from it immediately, a fact also endorsed constantly by the coalition partner of the UPFA Administration the JVP as well as many areas of the Buddhist Clergy which has always played an important role in Sri Lankan politics.

There are no complicated interpolations necessary to outline the important logical basis of this suggestion relative to the incapacity of the Norwegians where after their lengthy involvement in Sri Lanka's Peace Accord have not had the wherewithal to prevent the LTTE from killing their political rivals' nor have they persuaded the LTTE to pursue a path conducive to their proscribed status in coming to the bargaining table penitent and condescending towards denouncing their criminalities and merging into mainstream society.But then They aren't the IRA!! To the contrary there is proof positive of their supportive role toward LTTE Activities and their goals! Recently in an open letter to all concerned Karuna explicitly highlighted how Norwegians have funded the terrorist group LTTE up to £250,000 plus arms and sophisticated electronic equipment which has certainly supplemented LTTE efforts towards killing their opponents. It is realistically a logical conclusion based upon incriminating evidence as presented by Karuna to the newsmedia that Norwegians have been game playing all along and continuing their opportunistic trend by favouring the LTTE where their only accomplishment thus far on behalf of the Tamil Community has been to augment their sufferings as fodder for the LTTE terrorists rather than alleviate the imperative need to ease their pain.

This perception by the Karuna camp should be recognized and exhorted together with his potential towards carrying the overall leadership of the Tamil people as more conducive towards the well being and the freedom of all peace loving moderate Tamils of Sri Lankan than any other falsely represented leadership such as that of Velupillai Pirapaharan which has failed miserably to deliver what is all important to them and whose lives are still being intimidared and threatened at every attempt to stand up to their criminalities and evil pursuits.

Given the consideration that these are times when the global need towards eradicating the terrorist threat is the highest priority amongst the world order and its leaderships within the free world what the Norwegians are doing in Sri Lanka appear to be in direct conflict of the concept towards global freedom and the elimination of terrorism! Ironically their very presence seems to spur on the terrorists whose brazenness despite an existing Memorandum of Understanding and a Ceasefire continues where the only observers in conscientious restraint appear to be those in authority.

The voice of Karuna has exhorted all Sri Lankans to stand up for the innocent and peace loving Tamils, both in the North and the East, and to distinguish the difference between the Terrorist LTTE who are hell bent only in killing, as opposed to Karuna's more moderate stance toward s negotiation on behalf of his people.while pledging his resolve towards not only to annihilating the mass murderer Prabhakaran but to bring peace, democracy and unity among the Tamils.A concept which seems feasible and acceptable provided the needs of the rest of Sri Lanka and all its citizens are met within acceptable norms


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