Posted on May 13th, 2009

Daya Thulnathissa

She is the only victim who survived
The only eyewitness still remain
She lost her whole family form the rampage
Some may say it’s their fate…
But she doesn’t believe it… It’s not just fate
Because she witnessed her family’s tragedy
She saw how they torched her beloveds
….by her own eyes!
She had witnessed how they massacred
….her family in her presence!

So she wanted to forget that gruesome day
But she can’t escape from her past
Because she lost all her loved ones;
her mom, dad and her only brother
She can never forget his last words
“Oh lord…..save me” he cried
Screamed and struggled for his life
Pleaded with them for forgiveness;
but they just didn’t listen
….No one could help him!

Ranga…..her only teenage brother,
He ran away from their training camp
Ran away to escape from the terror grip
and for them…it’s a criminal offence
So a bunch of blood thirsty vampires
followed him secretly form behind
And ambushed her family….surprising them

“Swindler; we came to teach you a lesson”
One of them jumped on her brother
accusing him….threatening to finish him
and others started their rampage
The butcher’s game….shooting left and right!

Ranga …her only teenage brother
He cried and struggled for his life
….but they just didn’t listen,
They made him blind and forced him out
After some seconds of dead silence
She heard his screaming again from behind
Then came the smell of blood and firing sounds!
Thereafter every thing had become quiet…too quiet!

Neranja…the eyewitness
She is the only victim who survived
She waited some time lying on the ground
…..pretending to be died
Then at once she started to run
She ran and ran….non stop,
until she couldn’t hold her own breath
Then suddenly she heard an angle’s voice
“Don’t be scared now you are in safe hands”

She thought she won’t survive,
…..but she survived
Hanging on to the shoulders
of an unknown soldier… she walked
They walked and walked non-stop
Passing the earth bunds and land mines
they walked…..towards the safe zone!

She wanted to thank him for saving her life
Wanted to ask him to leave her
….and rest a little while
But she felt shy to look into his eyes
Because she only knew to curse them
Only learnt to hate them from her childhood
That is the only lesson she learnt
from the war lord…..their “Sun God”
The “Setting Sun-God”…..
is now hiding among the civilians
….somewhere underground!


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