Sri Lankan forces move to encircle rebels as international anger grows
Posted on May 16th, 2009

Orpheus Perera

Dear Sir,
Sri Lankan forces move to encircle rebels as international anger grows

Further to your report in Guardian about the war in Sri Lanka, I wish to forward some facts for your information.

Whenever I read this type of articles in the news papers,, I feel that the western media is insulting the intelligent readers.

When you use the term International does it mean England, USA, Norway, Sweden, France and Germany only? The world is a vast place with many more countries.

With reference to this war, no opinion is more important than the opinion of Sri Lankans, who had to live in fear for thirty years.  People in the south waiting anxiously  for their loved once to return home safely and mothers in the North crying over the children who were forcibly taken by LTTE.

LTTE has more money at their disposal for false propaganda and buy weapons than the Sri Lankan government who  is trying to manage a welfare state, look after the Tamil Refugees and spend money to developed the East which was liberated earlier.

The peace talks with LTTE have failed over and over again. While the peace talks were going on LTTE  collected more arms. At this point I wish ask this angry  internationals, whether Armed forces lead by George Bush and Tony Blair ever had peace talks with Iraqi government or pause the hostilities to give a chance to the people in Bagdad?

 We have never witnessed such bravery and such compassion, as the way SL forces rescued the poor Tamil Civilians, giving second priority to capturing the terrorist leaders. If President Rajapaksa was not a good  practicing Buddhist who is trying to save the country, SL armed forces  would have finished the war about a month ago.

General public of Sri Lanka have a very good knowledge of the world affairs. They are aware of the Iraqi war, Iraqi and Palestinians refugees and how the west handles them after so many years.

Now they know that their president is second to non of the world leaders and he is the only one who can give them a better future in a prosperous, peaceful and united Sri Lanka and hope that  he will be a role modal for future leaders of Sri Lanka.  They do not want  the GoSL to stop the war until the terrorist leaders are captured dead or alive or they  drop their weapons unconditionally.

Instead of curving out a Tamil Homeland out of tiny Sri Lanka, they should convert Tamil Nadu into Tamil Homeland and like the Israel did to Russian Jews, invite the Sri Lankan Tamils who do not want to live under a Singhalese government to settle down there. Tamil homeland is Tamil Nadu where 66  million speak Tamil. There are over 600 thousand Tamils living happily in Colombo among the Singhalese and Muslims. There is no other place for Singhalese people to call Homeland other than Sri Lanka. Tamil people are welcomed to live accepting the entire country as their motherland too.

Orpheus Perera


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