Barbaric Tamil Tiger Terror Attack in Sydney Possibly Done by Illegal Boat People with LTTE Links
Posted on May 18th, 2009

A concerned Sydneysider

Terror groups have attacked again; this time in Sydney after they have been fabulously decimated in Sri Lanka by valiant security forces. This shows to the world, especially Australia, the true face of sympathy seeking Tamil Tigers begging in our streets for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka. They, true to their barbaric disposition, were carrying the flag of the severed tiger head in public agitating violence and gory outcomes. Their latest target is unsuspecting innocent Sinhala boys in Westmead. The level of violence unleashed is akin to that of Tamil Tigers and the weapons used also resemble that of LTTE terrorist fronts in western countries. It is said that as a result of the attack one victim may lose eyesight. This is a grave injury and those responsible must be arrested and punished as soon as possible.


At the same time Sri Lankans must keep calm as it is the default way of Sri Lankans to stay calm. We must understand that these barbaric and desperate attacks are launched by residual Tamil Tiger elements unable to bear the colossal defeat they suffered in Sri Lanka. All Sri Lankans must find solace in the victory of their brothers in armed forces in Vanni where they achieved complete victory over LTTE terrorists. LTTE terrorists around the world have shown extreme acts of barbarity just like their Sri Lankan cousins. A few years back a section of the LTTE London wing attacked Sri Lankan Tamil boys in the heart of London killing them. The culprits were identified, arrested and punished. (Link: )


Sydney has seen sectarian violence frequently. In December 2005 there was a continuing and dangerous brawl which came to be known as the “ƒ”¹…”Cronulla riot’. Dozens of innocents were attacked by both groups leaving many hospitalised. Unfortunately most culprits walked free! Hopefully this will not happen in this case and the offenders will be given a fitting punishment.


Many Sri Lankans have migrated to Australia through proper channels. While everyone coming through legal means go through thorough police checks to ensure that they have no significant criminal history, illegal immigrants coming from boats to Australia illegally evade all criminal record checks. Recently the number of illegal immigrants coming from Sri Lanka has increased and most of them have connections to the LTTE. It was in the news recently that a boat carrying over 50 confessed LTTE terrorists heading to Australia capsized off Indonesia. (Link: Over the years many illegal immigrants have come and settled in Australia. Some of them have pending criminal proceedings in Sri Lanka.


Australia must reject these illegal immigrants cum criminals and send them back to face punishment in Sri Lanka.


LTTE terrorists may enjoy the burns sustained by their innocent victims, but they cannot stop thousands of hardcore LTTE terrorists being burnt alive in the battlefield for the horrendous crimes they committed against innocents. The charred bodies of senior LTTE leaders are pulled from the rubble giving a hint at where Tamil Elam is heading “”…” the burning hell and nowhere else.


It is up to Australian law enforcement authorities to win the war on terror in Sydney.


        A concerned Sydneysider

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