End of LTTE
Posted on May 18th, 2009

Henry Jayaweera

The Editor.
That the LTTE, proscribed by dozens of countries as a terrorist organization, had to be totally annihilated for the sake of all Sri Lankans, especially those they held in their cruel grip as hostages/human shields is a foregone conclusion, bitter as it might be to those who considered the terrorists as their darlings for geo-political and other nefarious reasons, and tried their darndest to grab them out of the jaws of justice. Congratulations to the President of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka, who unflinchingly stuck to his purpose until the job was done. Now, at the dawn of a new beginning for Sri Lanka, and all Sri Lankans, there is no doubt that concern for the Sri Lankans of the North, who were held in the death grip of an unscrupulous organization which was ready to sacrifice them for their own dastardly desires for grandeur, must be foremost in the minds of the President, whose compassion for his people from all parts of the island spurred him on to this unprecedented victory over dark and evil forces.
It is time now for all those who were pontificating over the fate of these innocent people to help them get back to their normal lives. It is more than comforting to know that now the government has the opportunity of working toward the alleviation of their suffering without having to worry about the dark shadow of the terrorists looming over them.
We can now see whether the humanitarian concerns were really genuine, or merely fueled by unspoken, ulterior motives aimed at destabilizing the soverign state of Sri Lanka. If they were genuine, the first things those vociferous groups should do is to help the government to help its people, and Sri Lanka certainly needs a great deal to get over the
damage that thirty years of war against the most ruthless terrorist organization has done. So to those who are probably now looking for new ways to villify a country, which has fought and fought hard and succeeded in protecting its soverignity, one can only say, “Put your money where your mouth is” for the sake of humanity.
Henry Jayaweera

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  1. SLRajah Says:

    Show bothsides of the story be SriLankan ..
    From >> http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/news/world/16-tamil-tigers-surrender-hs-02

    A military victory against the LTTE will remain incomplete without a political solution to the ethnic divide in Sri Lanka. But first things first. Once the mop-up operation is over, providing immediate relief to thousands of displaced Tamils must top Colombo’s agenda. After that the government ought to focus on rehabilitating those whose lives have been torn apart in the all-out assault unleashed in recent weeks. Then comes the political solution, which could do with a measure of truth and reconciliation.

    Awarding some form of autonomy to Tamil-dominated areas may be one option. Strong affirmative action aimed at the economic and social uplift of disadvantaged Tamils is another course Colombo could pursue. The biggest mistake from this point on would be to equate Tamil civilians with the defeated armed foe or to somehow suggest that the Sinhalese are the victors and entitled to the spoils of victory. If someone has indeed won, the victory should be that of the people of Sri Lanka, not just one community.

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