Now for Sri Lanka, it is the “terrorism” of the UNHCHR and the EU.
Posted on May 18th, 2009

By Charles.S.Perera

Navi Pillay the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights  backs calls for an inquiry into possible war crimes in Sri Lanka.  Her collaborator Rupert Colville   dramatises the situation  in Sri Lanka by the very choice of words, once it was the blood bath in the  no fire zone and now it is  killing field in the closed off conflict zone.

 Their whole problem is not being able to  have a peep into the no-fire zone. UNHCHR is also interest in figures, such as the numbers killed, numbers wounded. They of course have access to terrorist website and quote the figures there, believing that the figures provided by the terrorists are more reliable than those given by the Sri Lanka Government . And they are representing the United Nations !

 For Rupert Colville the Government Military operations against the terrorists is a “war”  He wants an independent commission of inquiry to count the number of  dead bodies in the no fire zone.  He does not want the Government to go scot free after the killings in the “war”.  Both sides that is the terrorists and the Government are responsible for the killings, and both sides are bound by the “rules of war”

 They often call the military operations against the terrorists in Sri Lanka a war without witnesses. As if there are witnesses of the war against talibans  in Afghanistan and against  Al Qaida in Iraq.

 In the war without witnesses going on in Afghanistan, a recent report gives 140 civilian deaths caused by the American aerial attacks in Afghanistan. Both Navi Pillay and Colville are pre-occupied in Sri Lanka  killing fields to pay attention to what is happening in Afghanistan.  That war can go on without  the application of the “rules of war”.

 The only problem for Navi Pillay is the Sri Lanka “war” for which they want a UNMission in place to find out where exactly the bombs fall, and the artillery fire hits.

 The war against the talibans is small fry for UNHCHR, the real stuff  is in Sri Lanka the firing into the conflict zone  on which it is preparing a report to accuse Sri Lanka for possible war crimes.

 In Afghanistan  the situation cannot be investigated as the Talibans are more ferocious, than the  West friendly LTTE “rebels”, and a UNMission is not so safe in Afghanistan, for preparing field reports to accuse America for war crimes.

 Further more Reuters report that , “”¦”¦the European Union and various aid agencies are also calling for international scrutiny of the conflict between the army and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) that has pushed the Indian Ocean island into a humanitarian crisis”. 

 A few hundred deaths in Afghanistan, is perhaps  normal as it is America’s war.  Navy Pillay’s collaborator has said that the UNHCHR had sought  the  deployment of  human rights monitors in Sri Lanka for years, but the Government had not allowed.

 Today the Sri Lanka has won its “war” against the terrorists  because the Sri Lanka Government kept away the Western intruders including the UN interferers out of the conflict zone.  That was a wise move on the part of the Government. Had they been there the government would have lost against the terrorists. 

 Sri Lanka should pursue this in  future,  stopping the Western humanitarian activists, the INGOs, and Aid workers from  free entry into IDP camps.

 It is strange UNHCHR or the EU has not bothered to  deploy Human Rights monitors in Afghanistan.  That is a serious lapse on the part of both Pillay and Colville.  After all Afghanistan is also a member state of UN and the civilians  dying their  are also  human beings.

 It is important as Colville says , to allow, “”¦.   independent monitors, media, aid workers or other international observers to see for themselves what is actually going on has made it very difficult to cut through the mass of propaganda. It also heightens the impression that those blocking the access have something to hide.”

 What does it matter to UNHCHR it is our war and the people involved are our people .  We have a responsibility to them more than the  UN and the Western Humanitarians.

 It is Sri Lanka that had suffered thirty years  of ruthless terrorism , not the UN and not the EU and not the International Community.  It is imperative for the government of Sri Lanka to finish off its military operations against the terrorists at its own pace.  That cannot await the pleasures of the UN and the Western Humanitarians.

 The UN, the EU and the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International  had  given false hope for the terrorists of a possible intervention for a reprieve.  Hence they did not surrender or  hold back  fire with their heavy weapons  keeping the Tamil civilians as a human shield.  Therefore the UN, UE and the rest of the human rights activists are responsible for every death  in the no fire zone, whether the shots were fired by the terrorists or the Government Armed Forces.

 It is only the Government and its security forces  who know when to stop military operations.  Therefore it is the duty of these “do gooders”  to make way for the government to carry on its duty by its people according to the mandate  it has given to the people.  Until then the UN Security Council and Barrack Obama have to  abide.

 What UNHCHR, EU, IC, and  Barrack Obama do not know, or care to know,  is that the Sri Lanka  Government Forces had carried out a remarkable rescue operation bringing into safety two hundred thousands Tamil Civilians who had been held as a human shield by the terrorists, who were continually given hope  by these UN, EU,IC and latterly Barrack Obama, the well wishers of a possible  cease fire to escape into safety.

The Member States of the UN are fed up with the arrogance of the  UNHCHR, the EU , Human Rights Activists and the Amnesty International.  They should adopt a different method of speaking to the Member States- the developing countries.  The fact that the member states are only developing countries does not give a licence  for the officials of the UNHCHR or the EU to adopt an attitude of haughtiness, arrogance and meanness in dealing with them.

 The developing countries fighting terrorists have no rules to follow , because the terrorists do not follow rules laid by the Geneva convention.  It is these UN and EU Officials that should be taken to the International Courts for interfering into the successful military offensives against  ruthless terrorists banned in not less that 33 countries who are bent on massacring its opponents without respect for rules or without any sense of morality.

The EU statement, that the “EU foreign ministers are due to call for an independent inquiry into alleged war crimes committed not just by the Tamil Tigers, who have long been on the EU’s list of banned terrorist groups, but also by the government.” is beyond comprehension.

It puts in par with the terrorist,  a Government which is carrying out its duty of defending its people and territory against its  enemy, and more so against a group of terrorists.

Which would be the Court  that would accept  allegations of war crimes against a country with a democratically elected government, which having failed all its attempts for a negotiated peace settlement resorted to the only available  military solution,  to wipe out a group of ruthless terrorists, who terrorised the country and its people for thirty long years ?

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