Rata Wenuwen Api!!
Posted on May 18th, 2009

Senaka Rajapkse

Dear Patriots,

I see that many are enjoying the victory of our brave forces. Today the day we have received very less emails after the long battle fought against the Tamil Terrorist. I saw that the tune of the invaders against our motherland too changed. But they will not succeed another war against our nation any more. We must not give any chances what so ever to regroup such situation at any cost.. The liberated Northern and the part should be filled with the origin of the Sinhale and must secure for the future of our children and the sake of Brave Sinhala Nation.

Then we must organise to pay back our Ranaviru Brothers and Sisters who sacrifice or disabled their life for our better future.

As Srilankan Expats,  many of us too participate this event in various ways. It cannot be disclose in few words. We still need to counter attack the vision of the Tamil Eelam. Therefore need to organise a Strong Sinhala movement around the Globe. It should not be racist, but full with nationalistic ideas.

We should also thank mainly who took this decision to defeat Tamil Terrorism to liberate our country starting from Mavilaru battle to 14 Base, H.E the President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sec. Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, All three forces Commanders and the IGP, Grama Arakshaka platoon, Ranviruwan, and other various kind of forces who gave their professional knowledge, funds. and other kind of help.

Our foreign missions including ministers and Sec. Dr. Kohona,  And special thank goes to the non paid intelligence network against the NGO mafia who has done a tremendous job giving most valuable information to crush LTTE.There are many more to named. Hopefully some one come out and write this victorious moment to the history of the Sinhale.
i just wrote what came in my mind..

Senaka Rajapkse

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