Please give this a thought!
Posted on May 19th, 2009

SINHAYA Roar of the truth

Hi All,

We haveƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ heard and seen some of our community members in TorontoƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ celebrating out in the streets, driving around and waving the Sri Lankan national flag. This is not only a dangerous act, but also a very inconsiderate of the feelings of the ones who have lost their loved ones. Are we not making them suffer even more, seeing us having a gala time with no care for them. I urge all of you to refrain from taking part in any such rallies, open activities and also advice anyone you know, who are already taking part in these.

I would also like to point out a few fact to all of you that you should ask them to consider:

First and foremost even though the war may be over in Sri Lanka, our work in Canada, specially in Toronto actually has only begun NOW. There are no Terrorists in Sri Lanka, but we have 1000s in Canada. Right now they are frustrated, angry and waiting to take their anger of losing their dreamland, out on somebody. They have already tried to burn down the Toronto Maha Vihara, and we also heard a few musing about some being threatened and attacked. Celebrating out in the open is a sure way to taunt them, giving them a reason to do what they really want to do. Please let’s not give that to them.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ 

Secondly this is our city, and our country TOO! One of the main reasons Tamil supporters lost the sympathy of the Canadians wasƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ not onlyƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ because the way they protests with flags, but also for their lack of loyalty to Canada. During our recent protests we made sure we didn’t display too many Sri Lankan flags, keeping it a Canadian affair. Canadians appreciated it, as all of us have heard from them, in blogs and out in the public. Waving it now would undo all that appreciation and brand us as not any different from the terrorist supporters. Let’s not do that either.

Finally let’s just think about the lives that were lost in this war, our soldiers and the Tamil civilians. Regardless of their fake genocide claims we have to admit that some of the Tamil Canadians, must have lost their friends and relatives. It wasn’t a Cricket match that we won to celebrate that way, only a 30 year old bloody war that hurt many of us. Therefore let’s not disrespect them and their memories. Lets’ show the Canadians, our resilience in both losing and winning. While we trust our government in Sri Lanka to do the right thing, by rebuilding our country, let’s help bridge any mistrust in our 2 communities here in Toronto.


Roar of the truth

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  1. 0101 Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your request here to refrain from celebrating this military win over the LTTE by Sri Lankan Sinhalese or Tamils.
    There are thousands of Tamils in Toronto who are hardcore supporters of LTTE. They are desperate now and have become almost of a “joke of the town” with their endless and relentless mission with demands for their unjustified course.
    They are looking for ways to instigate anything possible to disturb peace within the community. It is a well greased propaganda machine that is at work to put the younger generation to the front by the first generation LTTE supporters. A shameful and worst kind of a dirty game at best! Well, that’s the style of LTTE, just like they used the child solders to fight for EALAM! Can you expect any better from them?

    There are no winners in a military war! Just think about all the lives lost for the past 26 years. Young solders scarified their lives, innocent bystanders got caught in the bombs, all the displaced innocent civilians of the war and the list goes on and on.
    This is Canada and we have chosen to live here for a reason or many. Primary being the Canadian values!
    So, let’s not distance ourselves from being Canadian. Respect being Canadian.

    Nothing to celebrate and all to think what just has happened and how we can learn from it and move forward.

  2. gunasekerag Says:

    It is a timely thought by Sinhaya, Roar of the Truth to caution those who are prematurely celebrating the victory of the Sri Lankan Army in defeating the terrorist LTTE in Sri Lanka. The whole world including the Tamils will celeberate this victory if the Sri Lankan Government succeeds in bringing unity to Sri Lanka soon by resettling all the displaced people and bringing in the necessary legislation to make the tamils feel happy living in Sri Lanka as all the other communities. Until this is done no one can actually celeberate this victory.Till there is discontentment the victory is only onesided and it will bring hatred to those who are suffering.Those who choose to celebrate prematurely does so with a big risk of igniting riots wherever people who are oppressed mingle with the victors. Therefore it is only the ignorent that goes out celebrating in the presence of those who have not yet being comforted. It is suprising for a majority buddhist community to exibit this kind of behaviour bringing redcule from all corners of the world.

  3. k k Says:

    Thank u Sihaya!! well said. we really need more people like u to speak up! yes we do have more work to do now than ever. i think most of us are tempted to celebrate! but as u said this wasand is not a GAME ! a war of any sort is the most horrible action we humans undertake!! Most of the time more innocent die than the actual war mongers or terrostis. Most Tamils seem to not want to address the fact that so many Tamil activist civilens died at the hands of the LTTE . Its not realistic for them when they are in another land and still seem to live in 1983!. please talk to the civilens on ground in Lanka.where did the tamils and muslims who wanted to escape the LTTE go? TO COLOMBO!!!Yes we have lots of them who have moved to to colombo in the last 20 years. Yes we see the Women and children in the camps cying, their situ is horrible,but even if the situ was good even i would be crying,if i was foced out of my home by the people who say they want to help us , and then the people who saved us have to keep us even longer as there may be people who were supossed to be our saviors are hidding behind us! in lanka we say ” kabalen lipata watuna!!”

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