The World should Not Beleive Pro- LTTE Website Concoctions That Prabhakaran Is Still Alive! When His Body Has Already Been Identified And Released.
Posted on May 20th, 2009

Insight By Sunil Kumar for LankaWeb

May 19th 2009
The Sri Lankan Government has released information to the World that the Army has recovered the body of slain Tamil Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran and broadcast the news as well as graphic pictures on national television which pro LTTE sources have ludicrously counter claimed that he was alive and that the group would continue to fight for a separate homeland.

This mentality fully portrays exactly what the LTTE stood for and how it operated mostly through innuendo, duplicity and lies and had some of the world gullible enough to listen to their trash wondering whether there was in fact any credibility these directionless terrorists ever had where they orchestrated peace negotiations, had intermediaries negotiate on their behalf and carried on their theatrics behind a clinically planned attempt to overrun the nation which even today seems to be a part of their modus operandi as their saga of demolition unfolds.It is however one which will never get off the ground as the LTTE are finished and wiped off the face of Sri Lanka with thanks to her brave President and the commanders of the Joint Armed Forces!

An individual by name of Pathmanathan said to be a new international spokespperson for the LTTE ( nothing new about him, he was part of the motley Prabhakaran entourage all along and one of the creators of the many LTTE myths intended to hoodwink the world and no attention needs to be paid to him towards any credibility, the man is a born liar and a creator of mass panic amongst the weak minded within the Tamil community through misrepresentation of facts and beyond that he fools no one.

The Government should in fact go after him and apprehend him as part of the LTTE terror outfit!( wonder if he too wears a cyanide capsule around his neck?)

To grossly disillussion the skeptics (if there are any left that is!) it has to be reiterated as the Sri Lankan Army Bulletin reported that “Prabhakaran’s body was found near Nandikadal lagoon (in the No Fire Zone),” as Army Chief Gen Sarath Fonseka said in a televised address just an hour after LTTE raised questions over his death with its “new international spokesman” S Pathmanathan saying Prabhakaran was alive and safe where this is a diabolical and deliberate lie as far as Pathmanathan and anyone else attempting to publicise it is concerned.
The images of the body aired by the television showed Prabhakaran in full battle fatigues with the bullet hole in his temple with his head resting on a newspaper. Prabhakaran’s face was intact with eyes wide open and the image bore a close resemblance to the stocky mustached rebel leader. The TV also showed his dog tag and an LTTE identity card bearing his number 0-01.The only remaing item towards the final confirmation of his demise now is the ultimate DNA analysis which will be forthcoming after which the likes of Pathmanathan and his ilk will have to find a different type of fodder for their crap shooting cannon and knowing the LTTE supportives for who they are, they probably will albeit to little or no effect!

Already the infamous South Indian parlimentarian Vaiko who has had a political debacle in the recently conducted general election where his party has had crippling losses at the polls seems to have picked up the Pathmanathan cum LTTE signals and is already echoing the blarney about his bosom buddy Prabhakaran being still alive which is more wishful thinking than any pointer towards reality,

The images of the dead Prabhakaran were shown on television as Pathmanathan came out with an emotional statement ~ “Our beloved leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is alive and safe. He will continue to lead the quest for dignity and freedom for the Tamil people.” The statement was carried by the pro-LTTE website TamilNet.Com. who need to be gently tapped on the shoulder in a manner of speaking and informed that Prabhakaran is now dead as a doornail and no amount of their yelpings and howlings are going to revive him!
The new face of the LTTE Vis a Vis Pathmanathan, who according to sources, is based in some South-East Asian country( there is a fair chance it is in Tamil Nadu India according to some analysts) went on to accuse the Sri Lankan forces of “crimes against humanity”, saying “the outfit’s” civil leaders B Nadesan and S Pulideevan were killed in “cold blood” when they had come to the Army’s 58th division with white flags to negotiate an end to conflict.

While this sounds so melodramatic as the claim indicates these individuals happened to be a part of Prabhakaran’s killing machine and if they were gunned down by the Army it was a carrying out of orders to eliminate any terrorist approaching any Armed Forces location as they were never to be trusted regardless of the colour of their flag which might as well have been black rather than white and they could easily have been strapped with explosives ~ a chance the Armed Forces could ill afford to take, so tough luck on them and damn the call for “crimes against humanity !”

The LTTE claims created not only ripples according to some reports but anger and disbelief within the Lankan Government as well as nationally where the Army Chief immediately made a television broadcast to state categorically that “reports from the battlefield confirmed this morning that they have identified the body of Prabhakaran, the ruthless LTTE terrorist leader”.

Further quoting the Commander of the Army who said with no compunction “The fighting was yesterday. Prabhakaran was killed yesterday and the body was identified today” there is hardly a need to disagree as it is the word of a man of honour and great accomplishment where no concocted depositions by the likes of Pathmanathan could ever discredit him as someone who knows what he is talking about!

Confirmation of the Tiger leader’s fate came a day after Sri Lankan Forces wiped out the entire top LTTE leadership attempting to stage a breakthrough and escape a well prepared Army cordon where the terrorists were in a convoy of buses and an armoured vehicle which were bombarded with Armed Forces firepower including RPG missiles which brought down the van in which Prabhakaran was attempting to escape.
It has, beyond any reasonable doubt ended one of the world’s most bitterly fought internal armed insurrections, a war between a sovereign Nation with all the entitlements to her sovereignity and territorial integrity and a group of armed insurgents who have failed in their bid.


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