Posted on May 22nd, 2009


Prabhakaran is dead. Soosai is dead. Weapons are gone. Elam is gone. Lies and deceptions by blood thirsty contrasts are gone.

President Rajapaksha with the help of his brave soldiers kept their election promise to rid Lanka of the cancer called the LTTE. Oh my God what a relief! The nation including the innocent Tamil people who were in the grip of LTTE tyranny for 26 years are free; freer than when we got independence from British Raj.

It is truly a new day. It is like “free at last”.

Milibands, Couchers and the other European jokers are liking their wounds too and looking elsewhere for dirt to cry foul.

But now is the time to reflect on our own performance since independence as a nation and make amends to move our nation to the 21st century. We are a very poor nation. Over 50% of our people live below poverty line. Our infrastructure is ancient. Our schools are old. Our roads are embarrassing. Our daily wages are barely enough. Hundreds of thousands of our young women work as domestic aids to arrogant Arabs for a tuppence. Our youth are crying for justice and opportunity. The North and East are down to rubble.

The fundamental reason for this state of affairs is selfishness and incompetence of our post independent leadership. Leaders did not address the very issues they were elected to solve; to work tirelessly for the good of the common man. Instead we went down the slippery slope of corruption and extreme selfishness compounded by being led by leaders who had little idea about how to grow a nation’s wealth.

Basically the whole nation share the sentiment of long running corruption by politicians. This must stop.

President Rajapaksha has at last ridden Sri Lanka out of terrorist misery. He has proved to be worthy of leadership and respect.

He has what it takes to do the next right thing for Lankan people. Make it his mission to wipe out corruption. And bring in the big boys with money to invest. He no longer has to look to the West to do so. China and India are both economic giants today, and better still our neighbors.

Elimination of corrupt politicians must happen at any cost. Put a few dozen in jail for a start. President Rajapaksha has the nation behind him. He no longer need the support of corrupt politicians to sustain his government.

This will be the best way to spend the huge political capital he has so rightly earned.

If he succeeds in doing this as his next mission he will go down in history books as the most successful President todate since independence. May he have the strength and wisdom to do so?

The Nation awaits…


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