Posted on May 22nd, 2009

Piyal Samarakone

If the world has ever witnessed a coward who led any type of a war, Prabakaran’s name naturally takes the top spot. He was a coward true to the very ultimate meaning of the word. The man who preached and let others to take their lives on his behalf tried all the means and tricks to escape from the death at the last moment even after he genuinely knew that there wasn’t any single path to escape. At this point we should not forget that he had all the cruel courage to abandon his son at the last moment, perhaps the rest of the family members too.


The worst part of his strategy was mass murder, especially by using unconventional methods to terrify the masses. Which he firmly believe at some point one has to give-in when it comes to a situation where mayhem & destruction of this nature no longer bearable. We witnessed that in the recent past and even vast general opinion too fall into that line.


We were almost losing the grip of the rope which we were holding with unbearable pain for decades.
The victory nothing but a mere sweet dream, it will take some time for us to believe that wasn’t a dream. The fatigue of the destructive pressure was so much and so long thrust upon us to come to term to think that it’s over at last.


We had to live with a man for three decades who adhered to the worst qualities of all the mass murderers lived on this planet, He never portrait a single dictator but he had all the worst qualities of all. A man with a common sense simply cannot compare with him to Adolf Hitler or to Polpot. Although these two nemesis kind -of- men in the history never ordered to kill toddlers by dashing them against tree trunks or sever unborn fetuses out of mother’s womb. The world had not heard anything similar to this kind of atrocities in the history of wars. Only Idi Amin came little closer to this as some believed he consumed human flesh which had no firm evidence to prove. Further to that much startling character what he displayed was the ability to lure masses to believe him or create a cult among them. Which is not a easy thing to practice by any means which he did much better and smarter than of Jim Jones who persuaded to commit suicide in grand scale
in Guyana in early 70’s. Prabakara is a rare type of a breed, which come once or twice in a century depending of world’s karma.

As Hitler survived after all his siblings died as toddlers this jonah too survived by going through all the close encounters to mark a bitter and permanent ugly scar in our country’s history and of course the world’s.

At certain levels in his gory story we were forced to believe that he is on par with greats like MaoTsetung or revolutionaries like Che Guerra to that effect he did not have a iota of a wisdom or aura to win the hearts and minds of the very same people in his own Eelam realm. Prabakaran mercilessly massacred all the moderate groups and rivals to emerge as the sole representative of the ruthless hooligans but not the sole representative of the real Tamil community.

Thanks to the unforgivable error which we made during early eighties the total scenario turned into a favorable dimension to his likings. It was a blessing in disguise for the man whom hated by all peace loving people of Sri Lanka.

The exorcism started with a impeccable auspicious time, in the space of little more than two years we complete the devil dance. We had all the high caliber of exorcists in the correct positions beginning to the end, only to make sure the saga conclude with a positive mark. It was a total different picture to the past attempts as we should not forget that we did not have the proper atmosphere to eliminate the evil as what we did in last couple of years, although some claim and believe we should have done long before. The truth is at the right time we had the best men and material to perform probably the best battle of the world has ever witnessed in the modern history.

In the process we lost our best men whom we cannot value or compare with any as they were more like Macarthurs or Rommels perhaps even smarter than them considering the enemy’s Make and Model.
In the end world learnt a lesson including the near dear factions who fetch the first drop of water to the demon seed, The Pearl of Indian Ocean is invincible when it comes to safe guard its motherland as done so many times in the history. We must not forget to pay glowing and unwavering tribute to our most genuine giant friends who stood by shoulder to shoulder with us to make sure their most valuable little friend sail through to the shore to see tomorrow’s aurora of peace and subsequent prosperity.


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