Yankee Power Sharing – Ghosts of the “Political Solution” Again!
Posted on May 22nd, 2009

Janaka Yagirala

Before, starting let us invoke Blessings from the Triple Gem to our brave troops for finishing off the LTTE, the coward band of butchers who killed and maimed so many innocent civilians starting from Alfred Doraiappa. Also to be blessed are the people who firmly stood behind our brave troops from our President to the humble citizen during times of victory and setback. Butcher Praba didn’t get the slow, painful death he truly deserved, but at least died the death of a typical coward running from the enemy (sans cyanide capsule!) with a “begging for mercy” expression on his wretched face. Indeed we can always be proud about the way our great heroes looked death right in the eye, like Veediye-Bandara, Keppitipola Disawe, Ven. Kudapola Rahula Thero and Veera Puranappu.

 Out of the countries that don’t know to mind their own business, the USA ranks number one. Nevertheless, despite being kicked out of Vietnam , Black Hawked down in Somalia , truck bombed out of Lebanon and the quagmire of Iraq and Afghanistan , the glorious land of Uncle Sam still has not learnt a lesson. At one time Uncle Sam called for the LTTE to be defeated with a “Political Solution” without setting an example and proposing a political solution to Al-Qaeda or the Iraqi Insurgents. Now that the LTTE is history, a new, typically Yankee ghost is again on the horizon, it is the proposal for “Power Sharing among Sinhalese and Tamils” from the US State Department.


 First of all, the US has a long overdue payment of compensation to the Native Americans for stealing their land and outright genocide. Indeed the Native Americans were killed off in large numbers using the very techniques the US so righteously (hypocritically) “banned” such as execution style shooting (women and children included) and germ warfare using smallpox. We, the people of Sri Lanka would like to know if the US government is willing to share power with the Navajo Nation, Cherokees or Apaches. A similar thing can be said about the natives of Hawaii .

 The US also has a long overdue payment for unpaid African-American slave labor. Indeed the US must be reminded of the times prior to the Civil Rights Movement when African-Americans were segregated and had to use everything separately from water fountains to public lavatories. Nor were they allowed into “White” schools or universities. It was a time when an African-American who spoke up against a European could end up being lynched in public.

 Throughout history numerous African-American militant groups emerged in the US such as the Black Panthers, Black Liberation Army and Symbionese Liberation Army. Quite surprisingly, the US hardly negotiated with any of them and instead dealt with them using brutal military force such as the extra judicial execution of Mark Clark and Fred Hampton on December 4th, 1969. Again, no plans for power sharing between the US government with African-Americans seem to be in sight!

 During WW2, the Japanese nor the Germans were offered any hope of a peaceful settlement through negotiations. Deep respect for civilians was also shown in typical Yankee style during the Dresden air raid between February 13th and 15th, 1945 (over 250,000 civilians killed), the Tokyo air raid of March 9th and 10th, 1945 (over 100,000 civilians killed) and last but not least the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Similar cases can be found during the Philippine-American war (Batangas) and Vietnam War. After all Laos is the most bombed country in the world courtesy of the B-52 bomber.

 The US is also lucky that there are few remaining survivors of the numerous concentration camps (diplomatically referred to as “internment camps“) for Germans, Japanese and Italians such as Manzanar, Poston, Gila River, Seagoville, Fort Lincoln , Fort Missoula and Crystal City .

 Nevertheless, while calling for countries like Sri Lanka to share power, the US is busy trying to naturalize the numerous Latinos of the southern states, especially California , Texas and Florida . Already there are plenty of ghettos where English is hardly understood. So how about sharing power with the Latinos as well? Indeed it would be nice to see Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayak or Adam Rodriguez Co-Governors of California.

 So once again, the US better get its priorities right and stop worrying about how Sri Lankans should govern themselves, Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, North Korea, Kosovo (part of Serbia ), Myanmar and Tibet . Instead the US has plenty of things to worry about at home such as the economic recession, the hurricane Katrina rebuilding effort, a burgeoning prison population, the war against cocaine and marijuana, the swine flu outbreak, the quagmire of Iraq and Afghanistan and last but not least Osama Bin Ladin.

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