Anti-Sri Lanka Proposal by Israel at WHO defeated – ‘Pot calling kettle black’
Posted on May 26th, 2009


Last week at the 62nd General Assemly of the World Health Organisation Israel had brought forward a proposal calling for the UN and WHO to send a high profile team to investigate into Human Rights violations by the Sri Lankan government under the pretext of launching war on terrorism. This had been defeated by the strong support given to Sri Lanka by Russia, China, Japan and others. They have said that such an investigation is untimely and unwarranted and backed Sri Lanka for rescuing the country from terrorism. It had been reported that all countries except Israel supported Sri Lanka.

On March 25, 2009 Chancy Chessay and Julian Borger reported in The Age (Australia) about an investigation by The Guardian on Israel war crimes during the 23 day offensive in Gaza early this year. In the one month long inquiry they collected evidence regarding targetting of civilians, medics, hospitals etc.

It was reported that in one dramatic case, three teenage brothers from the Attar family had described how Israeli soldiers had taken them from home at gunpoint and made to kneel in front of Israel tanks!

Medics and Ambulance drivers had said how they were targetted when they attended to the wounded. According to the WHO , more than half of Gaza’s 27 hospitals and 44 clinics had been damaged by Israel bombs. Physicians for Human Rights-Israel had confirmed that Israel violated International Humanitarian Law by attacking medics, damage to hospitals, indiscriminate attacks on civilians and delaying medical treatment for the injured.

The Guardian also had testimony on missile attacks by Israeli Drones against clearly distinguishable civilian targets. Unmanned Drone Aircraft are said to be so accurate that their operators can tell the colour of the clothes worn by the target (civilians).

Human Rights groups say the vast majority of offences were committed by Israel and that Gaza offensive was disproportionate response to Hamas rocket attacks.

Soldiers of the Israeli Defence Force had observed that Rules of Engagement in the military operation were lax. So they say that this had led to more civilian deaths and wanton property destruction.

An Isreali newspaper Haaretz published some testimonies of soldiers describing the ease with which some houses were damaged. One soldier had said, “We got an order one day -Just clean the house , all of the equipmet and furniture. We threw everythig out of the windows. The entire contents went flying”.

Another soldier alleged that when entering buildings , ” We were supposed to go up floor by floor and any person identified to be shot…” He had added that, “… according to Israeli authorities this was permissible. Therefore, anyone who remained in the sector and inside Gaza City was in effect condemned as a terrorist as they had not fled…”

The Israeli newspaper Haartez quoted an Israeli Defence Force Commander interpreting the Rules as , “… Kill everyone in the centre of Gaza. Everyone there is a terrorist…”

The Israeli Operaton killed more than 2000 in three weeks and more than 5000 wounded. The Palestinian Bureau of Statistics estimated that 21,000 buildings damaged. The estimated reconstruction cost was US$ 21 billion.

The UN Secretary General who visited Gaza observed , “… I am deeply grieved by what I have seen. The damage is alarming… Gaza destruction is heart bleeding..”

This is how Israeli conducted the Gaza war backed by super-powers. Then with blood in their hands they had tried to mislead the WHO General Assembly that it was Sri Lanka which violated Human Rights .

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  1. Kit Athul Says:

    Dr or Mr. Samaraweera, where were you all this time. Are you Sinhala or a thalathel karaya taking a Sinhala name. Tell us where is your PhD from. Che Gevara University? The disimfomation about Israeal was a tactic used by Rohahana Wijeweera and the JVP at that time. You mis interpreted what Israel said at the WHO. Australian Critas pays good money for your type of articles. Why don’t you come to Sri Lanka and try to wake up the JVP: You cannot deceive Sinhala any more like the time, Rohanaha Wijeweera, did at that time. Israel should have wiped put every one in the center of Gaza. It would have brought peace.

  2. lanka45 Says:

    Israel is a disgrace in that they experience the first hand – terror! LTTE was trained by the same terror outfit that pummels Israel on daily basis. How on earth can they fabricate something of this calibre and yet expect to receive any welcome gesture by the people who withnesses HOW Israel deal with the same issue confornting them.

    They pretty much go in to GAZA and bulldoze the outfit and its sorroundings showing no mercy to any so-called colateral damage!

    What moral right does Israel have to even talk about Human Rights no matter where it is viloated as they openly disregards even the basic human right to co-exist? It is a mockery in the world-stage to let Israel even express ay concerns of human right!

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