Sri Lanka – Article by Dean Nelson, May 25,2009
Posted on May 26th, 2009

Ira de Silva London, Ontario, Canada

The Editor
National Post
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Sir:

Re: 30,000 disabled by Sri Lankan shells – May 25,2009

Reference the claims of Dean Nelson and his partners in crime the foreign NGO’s who say that “nearly all of the people had been the victims of relentless Sri Lankan shelling of the civilian safe zone”
indicates the extent of the falsehoods published in the western media.

Did the bullets have the logo of the Sri Lankan army? It is a well known fact and repeated over and over again by the people who came out of the “no fire zone” that the LTTE kept shooting at them to control them and then to stop them from escaping. Even Amalraj, supposed to be a priest says “the LTTE shot people”. He confirms that the LTTE were shooting in what was a “no fire zone” – if the LTTE moved all their weapons into this area and fired them, then it was no longer a no fire zone.

Amalraj’s statement that the “army were trying to capture us” indicates that he identifies himself with the LTTE. The fact is that the Sri Lankan army sustained heavy casualties not to capture them but to rescue them. How then can anyone believe Nelson and his NGO friends that ALL the wounded people are the result of Sri Lankan shelling? To make such a claim reflects his bias and possibly sorrow that the LTTE leadership who were considered invincible has been militarily defeated.

Further, of the 280,000 people who fled, over 220,000 were out of the no fire zone before the “final onslaught” against the LTTE. As for the statement by the aid worker about the condition of the people who are arriving at the camps, Nelson and his contacts completely ignore the fact that the LTTE have been driving these people from their homes over the past two years and taking them along as a human shield. If they have nothing it is because the LTTE had reduced them to poverty, had been holding them hostage for the past two years and not providing them with the food sent to them regularly by the Sri Lankan government. So much food was sent that bags of rice, lentils etc. were used by the LTTE to line their bunkers. There is pictorial evidence of this so pro LTTE Nelson and his other cohorts can not deny this.

Further, for all the millions that have been spent by the NGO’s over the past two decades supposedly to help the Tamil civilians in the north, when these areas were cleared of the LTTE there was nothing to show what they had done for the civilians but plenty to show how much they had provided to the LTTE terrorists. Again, there is pictorial evidence of the vehicles and equipment, air strips, parts of planes to mention a few of the donations to the LTTE by the NGO’s. Even today, the UN admits that NGO’s have been restricted from entering the camps because there is evidence that NGO’s have already smuggled out and are making every effort to get the LTTE cadres out from the camps.

It is time that LTTE supporters such as Nelson and these NGO’s who have up to now worked hand in glove with the LTTE realise that their duplicity has been exposed. It is natural that they are frustrated that the leadership of the LTTE has been wiped out. Judging from this tirade against Sri Lanka it seems that they are now looking for ways to condemn Sri Lanka for the deaths of their comrades in terrorism. Given time, not only lies such as made in this article but the actions of the LTTE supporters world wide will be exposed. I trust that when that happens equal publicity will be given to their confessions of collaborating with terrorists.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 3A8

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