Fears that Sri Lanka to occupy the north
Posted on May 28th, 2009

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya Melbourne, 98088763

Refers to the article:

At the outset you heading imply Sri Lanka is a different country that is going to occupy NORTH.

What a cockeyed statement is this, North, South, East & West of that country is SRI LANKA!

 This country has just eliminated the local leaders of LTTE and ushered a sense of relief to the country at large. However it is foolhardy for those responsible to bring about this sigh of relief to put up the feet and assume everything is Hanki Dori now, and let the most costly (innocent human lives) liberated areas unguarded. It is the duty of the chiefs of the three forces to see the country is well guarded and prepared to defend it’s territory from destructive elements that may prop up from time to time.

 Yes a brutal mob was destroyed, but LTTE chameleons that have escaped the detection process may try to gang up if the defence is not watchful enough. It is no secret that there were heavy casualties in the defence cadres and also the soldiers who were in the battle front needs a well earned break too. We have seen how the Australian army is deployed in extreme urgencies to expedite community projects, like in the recent bushfire situation rather than keeping them in the barracks, so too Sri Lanka needs extra hands to get help under urgent circumstances. Further more Australia recruit cadets non-stop to all forces even though the country does not have an immediate threat from, say neighbouring countries.

Why? It’s forward planning keeping in line with the motto “Be Prepared”

 Sri Lanka fought this war on her own against three fronts, one being the in house LTTE cadres the other being the collective Local & International pressures. Where as the other wars else where in the Globe are fought with allied forces, with the same aim to eliminate Terrorists or Terrorism!

Well Jane’s weekly reports LTTE has 300 ~ 400 million U$Dollars annually collected by various means throughout the Globe. They utilize covert methods, pulling wool over the eyes of almost every administration some turn a blind eye knowing for what these monies are raised, these finances are used to procure the support of all Parliamentary leaders, TV, Radio and Print media to become their voice. The best example is you Amanda, you went to Manik camp in Sri Lanka as an independent reporter from the The Australian news paper, Sri Lankan government believed that you are a genuine reporter who would report impartially as they have nothing to hide, but you broke that trust, your report is prepared to satisfy those who advised you to publish a report supporting the pro LTTE version of allegations against the Sri Lankan government.

 The IDP’s in that camp ran away from the killer LTTE mob for the fear of losing their life, they didn’t run a conventional race to be at the same place together, they ran pell-mell, they were relieved in the safe hands of the defence forces, the family obviously was dispersed, now their saviors were not only saving A Family, but thousands of human beings who were running for their lives, so, isn’t it obvious that the chances of members of A Family been scattered? You are making the gullible to believe that those people are so ignorant not to know that there’s nothing you can do, by pouring their sob stories to you. But you know, you can do a lot to those who are here in Australia, by fabricating, falsifying the truth to qualify for the paycheck!

The UN, Red cross, UNHR staff etc who were allowed under humanitarian grounds to assist needy abused the good faith of the Government. It is now obvious Technical experts, Doctors, Bio chemical experts etc entered these areas as their staff to impart technical knowledge, build sophisticated Telecom facilities, High powered Boats, Submarines, and assemble heavy weaponry and also to train barefoot Doctors this was the task for Dr.John Whitehall of Cairns. These were all from Western & EU countries Australia being one among them!

It is for this reason that the Government does not allow anybody from outside to visit the camps. The World has seen the amount of weaponry that was recovered, each time a recapture of an area was successful, these were supplied by the INGO’s of the West who were allowed to go to those areas under humanitarian relief banner. So, it’s once bitten twice shy is now adopted!

Sri Lanka doesn’t need any physical presence of personal, if any country is willing to offer Financial and Material aid that would be greatly appreciated.

 The double standards of EU & Western countries are so naked they don’t even see their nakedness, it’s only good for them to fight Terrorists and kill mostly the innocent while a Democratic Country who has eliminated a Terrorist group, whom by FBI standards recognized as the Worlds most brutal organization is tarnished as worse than the eliminated terrorists group!

It is for this reason some have still not proscribed this now defunct LTTE in their countries, By doing so, they allow, encourages the LTTE supporters to rebuild the movement, as some founder members are still at large in the West keeping the Hope Alive to strike back Sri Lanka one day!

 Unfortunately, Australia is aiding and abetting for this crime by ignoring Sri Lanka’s appeal.

 General Fonseka did not mince words loosely when he said:

“There may be people abroad trying to promote a new leader and stage a comeback,”

Yours Sincerely

 Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

Melbourne, 98088763


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