Posted on May 28th, 2009


All anguish, misery and anxiety that engulfed this nation for the last thirty years due to erroneous and vacillating policies of past rulers are over. The so-called undefeatable , ruthless, astute terrorist gang has been completely annihilated and wiped out from this precious soil within a short span of two years and four months since the nation is blessed with a leader devoid of fear, cowardice, flimsiness, and indecisiveness, but who possesses firm, bold, determined willpower, and who revere the motherland over his own life. The nation will remain ever grateful to this great personality H.E. President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse for unifying the nation and totally liberating it from the evils of fear and terrorism. However, we should not remain complacent with the great historical victory since the treacherous minority within the country, dwelling overseas in the guise of refugees and the arrogant international rogue nations will make every effort to destabilize and disintegrate this nation.

 As we succeeded in effectively countering the overseas bandits at the Geneva Human Rights Council session with the help of our friendly nations, priority should be given and immediate action should be taken to probe the activities of the treacherous minority that helped, assisted, promoted and defended the terrorist gang, ridiculed, belittled, and obstructed the liberation war and baselessly criticized and scorned at H.E. the President,the heroic Defence Secretary, the Security Chiefs, and the gallant forces.

 The treacherous minority within the country belongs to all segments of society and includes the despicable politicians, vile media dogs, compradore NGOs, arrogant Trade Unionists, nitwit self-styled political analysts, and ignoramous rogues claiming to represent/lead various communities and sects.


The call made by Prime Minister Mr. Ratnasiri Wickremanayake to appoint a Presidential Commission to probe how and whence the defeated terrorist outfit acquired submarines, aircrafts, missiles, heavy weapons etc., is very judicious and immediate action should be taken to appoint such a Commission vested with all the powers to interrogate, investigate, prosecute, convict, and punish if found guilty anyone including parliamentarians, members of the judiciary and even the traitors who were in uniform. This commission may even take the form of Criminal Investigation Commission of the seventies without any recourse to find solace from the judiciary if convicted.

 The treacherous minority apprehensive of the role played by them to help the terrorists and undermine/topple the government sensing the potential danger they may face are now calling for the lifting of the Emergency Regulations and repealing the Prosecution of Terrorist Act (PTA).

 Since the terrorist proxy TNA has become defunct and redundant following the defeat of their mentors the master traitor of this country who made a last ditch effort to save the terrorist leadership by touring the European rogue nations including Sri Lanka’s arch enemy Norway, who being the Leader of the Opposition but overwhelmed with jealously failed to congratulate immediately the nation and the H.E.President, the architect of the victory over the wiping out the terrorists and waited to open his foul mouth until clearance was given by Norway, who was scared to set foot in Sri Lanka and hence misled his cohorts providing a wrong time of arrival and sneaked into the country without anyone’s knowledge and fearful of traveling by road from Katunayake took a stealthy helicopter ride to Colombo has now assumed the role of the terrorist TNA and calls for the lifting of Emergency Regulations and repealing the PTA.

 These selfish rogues who obeyed the orders of foreign bandit nations calling themselves as the international community completely disregarding and disrespecting the will of the masses, who were privy to terrorist maneuvers, who frequented terrorist cantonements and may even have received weapons training from the terrorists similar to Vaiko, Nedumaran, Barathiraja and their ilk in Tamil Nadu, who made frequent foreign jaunts and dealt with terrorist leaders residet overseas, who were regularly receiving millions of foreign currencies from the terrorists, Norway and their agents may utilize all available forums to agitate against these legislations with the help of western bandits as they are well aware that with the continuation of these legislations they cannot save their skins.

 Going with the traditions of Sri Lanka’s Royalty, these traitors in fact deserve to be publicly skinned for their treachery and for the misery their collaboration caused to the general public. Unless the government initiates immediate and stringent action against these traitors there is every possibility that the people’s euphoria may drive them to execute their own judgement as it was reported recently that the Kurunegala District U.N.P. parliamentarian Mr. Dayasiri Jayasekera was assaulted at Hettipola Town necessitating him to get admitted to a private hospital in Colombo. Mr. Jayasekera was one of the foul-mouthed UNP MPs who was highly critical of the Northern Operation and ridiculed the activities of our gallant forces.

 Sri Lanka was not tied to fight the terrorists only on the war front. While our gallant forces valiantly fought the enemy on the war front President Mahinda Rajapakse, the government Ministers and officials, the heroic Defense Secretary as well as the Army Commander were compelled to fight local and international bandit forces on many fronts to keep the battle front operation on the move and progressing smoothly as planned.

 These bandit forces obstructed Sri Lanka getting financial assistance, made frequent visits to western rogue nations to agitate against the country on alleged human right violations, castigated on the purchase of fighter aircrafts, went to courts to obstruct carrying out search operations, against price increases, levying taxes, persistently demanded for the dismissal of the Defense Secrretary, chastised the Defense Secretary claiming he was harassing the media personnel, asserted the government was misleading the masses with false claims of capturing places such as Alimankada (Elephant Pass), Killinochchi etc., claimed the government was fighting an unwinnable war wasting all resources while bringing death to several thousand of youth and demanded that the war should be immediately stopped and the issue should be resolved through negotiations only, accused the Army Commander and declared that he is not even fit to lead the Salvation Army, formed mushroom outfits such as “Defense Watch”, “Anti War Front” to ridicule, belittle and criticise security force operations, alleged that anti-government personalities are being abducted on White Vans, facilitated visits of international rogue characters to chastise Sri Lanka and claim their right to interfere and intervene, and continuously demanded for a halt to military operations.

 The above are only a fragment of troubles the government had to cope with while fighting the ruthless enemy on the war front. After overcoming such hardships with great difficulty, it is now the duty and the responsibility of the government to probe into the activities of these traitors, reveal to the masses who and how they were financed, and ensure that they are duly punished for their treason. If this was not done the days will not be afar of the masses taking the law unto their hands and meting out appropriate treatment similar to the treatment meted out to Mr. Dayasiri Jayasekera by the people of Hettipola Town.

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