Navy Pillay’s Charge Sheet against Sri Lanka and the hypocrisy of the West.
Posted on May 29th, 2009

By Charles.S.Perera

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan continues without an end in view. America and the West are apprehensive of another attack by the Al Quaida terrorists, without any knowledge of which Western Capital would be their next target .

 In Afghanistan the Western high power nations with supposed to be well experienced Armed Forces, with most modern military weapons and enemy detection equipment are sacrificing their own soldiers and killing innocent civilians in erratic bombardments by their specialised war pilots.

 But the not so specialised Armed Forces of the Government of Sri Lanka have eliminated a ruthless terrorist group, armed to their teeth with most sophisticated military weaponry; a terrorists group that was supported by the Western Governments, assisted by western technicians posing as NGOs , and financed by rich Tamil expatriates of Sri Lanka spread in the western capitals.

 It appears from the stand of the West to incriminate Sri Lanka for war crimes in defeating the LTTE terrorists and eliminating terrorism, that it is only the rich Western Countries that should fight against terrorism, but the poor countries should bear and suffer lest the Western democracies will bring them before the international courts accused for crimes against humanity..

 Despite this remarkable feat accomplished by Sri Lanka a developing country which had suffered three decades of terrorism, the International Community, with its torch bearers Navy Pillay, Ban Ki Moon, Koichiro Matsuura chiefs of the Organisations of a system which is there to unite nations, and defend the poorer nations from being exploited and impoverished by the rich, egoist, self-centred Nations of the International Community, seek to accuse this small but a “mighty” nation of Sri Lankans, for the reason of its having eliminated a cancer of terrorism that had been eating into its Nation body.

 Who do these warped International Community seek to attack, discredit, humiliate, and condemn as war criminals, a greater danger to the world society than the terrorists ?

 The International Community, calling themselves democrats, civilised Christians, humanitarians, true upholders of the law, seek to attack, discredit, humiliate, condemn and accuse as criminals against humanity the Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, for the crime of fighting against, defeating and eliminating a ruthless group of Terrorists who for three decades terrorised Sri Lanka.

 The LTTE terrorists do not exist any more, they have been completely eliminated. But the International Community and its torch bearer the UN Commissioner for Human Rights are attempting to revive and keep alive the memory of the terrorists to make martyrs of them.

 The West refuses to understand the terrorist problem of Sri Lanka. Though the terrorists are of Tamil origin, as terrorists they did not represent the Tamil population. The terrorists were a group apart, who terrorised both the Tamil Civil population as well as the Sinhala and Muslim population. The Government Forces wanted to eliminate this group of terrorists led by Prabhakaran, and had not at any time waged military operations against the Tamil Civilian population who are a part and parcel of the Sri Lankan Nation. This fact is beyond the comprehension of the West.

 Even the Sri Lanka pilots who bombarded the areas where the terrorists were hiding used precision bombing and avoided death and injury to the Tamil Civilians living in the terrorists controlled areas. The war pilots of Sri Lanka were much more precise in their selective bombardments than the American war pilots in Afghanistan.

 Time is appropriate for the International Community to take stock of themselves. It is time that they get down from their high horses and evaluate the impact they thought they cause in the less fortunate countries around them. Their arrogance and tight lipped pretence of being a better race is derided by all.

 They have to adopt another way to speak to the people of the world. They are proving themselves to be Nations that cannot be trusted. There is no transparency in their foreign policies. They have their own agenda and they follow it without any concern for others who are not of their Western Christian civilization.

 The world at large expected Barack Obama to adopt a different attitude towards the world. But last time in Europe he spoke out to the terrorists to tell them that USA will fight them so that they will not be a menace to USA or Europe. Even if Barack Obama tries to speak in a more human , a more universal language Hillary Clinton in charge of his foreign policy speaks a different language, a language of the rich aflame with pride, scornful to the poor and less fortunate.

 The Torch bearer of the International Community Navy Pillay dared to examine Sri Lanka for war crimes without considering that she is interfering into the internal Affair of a Sovereign State.

 The terrorism of Sri Lanka was an internal affair, but with their interference the International Community demonstrate their sympathy with the terrorists of Sri Lanka. Their attempts to vindicate Prabhakaran and his terrorists is to implicate the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for war crimes.

 That is evident from the fact that they say they are seeking evidence to accuse both the terrorists and Sri Lanka Government for crimes against humanity. The terrorists in Sri Lanka have been eliminated, therefore there is no one remaining to answer for the crimes the terrorists had committed. Therefore in reality Navy Pillay seeks to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka in the absence of the terrorists to account for their war crimes.

 It is not necessary to make a special investigation to find out whether the terrorists had committed crimes against humanity as terrorism by itself is a crime against humanity, whether in Sri Lanka or elsewhere. That was the farce of Pillay’s investigation. In actual fact the investigation is to evaluate the evidence that could be collected to bring the Government of Sri Lanka its President and the Commanders of the Armed forces before an International Court accused for crimes against humanity for eliminating “their” sympathetic terrorist group lead by V.Prabhakaran.

 But if a Charge Sheet is prepared by the UNHigh Commissioner for Human Rights, who will she accuse for the ” war crimes” ? Let us examine the sequence of events that led to the elimination of the terrorists in the ” no-fire zone.

 Question: First what caused the Armed Forces of the Government of Sri Lanka to wage military operations in the North of Sri Lanka ?

 Answer: It was the occupation of a territory and terrorising the people in the occupied area, and the rest of the people in Sri Lanka that led to military operations.

 Q: Could the military operations, that culminated in the destruction of the terrorist group in the no-fire zone, have been avoided ?

 A: Yes, it could have been avoided if the terrorists had agreed to negotiate with the Government for a peace settlement.

 Q: Why were the negotiations not carried out ?

 A: Because the terrorist refused to negotiate and demanded the setting up of a separate Tamil Homeland.

 Q: Why did the government not allow the setting up of a Tamil Homeland ?

 A: First, because the setting up of a separate homeland for Tamils is not the desire of the majority of the people of the three communities of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka had been a multi ethnic, multi cultural, and multi religious Nation through out its history. Therefore the country should remain a unitary state through out its future existence. The three communities do not have unsurmountable problems in living together as a Nation. Any existing ethnic problems could easily be solved through peaceful discussions.

 Q: Then, why were these peaceful discussions not made?

 A: Because the terrorists refused to discuss and was determined to take over territory by force to set up a homeland.

 Q: Why was there a confrontation in the no-fire zone ?

 A: no-fire zone was declared by the Government Armed Forces to rescue the Tamil Civilians who the terrorists had taken along with them when the territory under their control reduced in size, and they had no where else to go and did not want to surrender. The terrorists kept the Tamil civilians as a human shield remaining in the no-fire zone, and fired at the advancing Army placing their heavy weapons among the civilians.

 The Army wanted to rescue the people and at the same time defeat the terrorists. The Army stopped using heavy weapons to avoid injury to the Tamil Civilians and fired with small arms. The terrorists did not worry about causing injury to the civilians and used their heavy weapons against the army soldiers coming in small groups. Aiming heavy weapons on small groups of soldiers is difficult, and the tgerrorists miss the targets, and hence they killed and injured the civilians who were running disorderly away from the heavy weapons of the terrorists. And their was a mass exodus of the Tamil civilians escaping from the terrorists seeking the protection of the army. Running pell-mell among fire by heavy weapons of the terrorists, small arms of the army, crying of children, falling and being trampled, some of the people were killed , and others wounded.

 There was quite a pandemonium the civilians were running and the terrorists who still did not want to surrender kept on shooting at moving objects to kill the soldiers without caring whether the moving objects were Tamil Civilians, or Army soldiers. The terrorists kept on shooting to deter the Tamil Civilians abandoning them, leaving them a prey to the small arms of the army.

 The western journalists write of destruction and despair of Sri Lanka no-fire zone, they saw from their helicopter ride , as if they expected to see parks and flowers and deer and hair gambling away at the sound of helicopters

 Q: Why did not the terrorists surrender ?

 A: They were inhuman and ruthless. They hoped some one would come to help them and was marking time hoping the tables will turn against the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and they will be able to make a come back.

 Q: Who gave that hope to the terrorists, that some one will come to their help ?

 A: It was the Tamils living in foreign capitals who demonstrated in favour of the terrorists. And then the Tamil Nadu politicians, and the Indian Government who was acting on behalf of the Tamil Nadu CM. Karunanidhi gave them hope.

 Thereafter, David Miliband, Bernard Kouchner, Carl Bildt, and Eric Solheim who asked the Government for a ceasefire. Miliband then contacted Hillary Clinton, and she in turn President Barack Obama and asked the government of Sri Lanka for a Cease Fire, that gave hope to the terrorists.

 Therefore, instead of surrendering and avoiding death and injury to themselves and then to the Tamil Civilians, continued to shoot at escaping civilians as they did not want to be sitting ducks for Army small arm fire , without the Tamil civilians to protect them as a human shield.

 Q: Why did not the government allow a cease fire ?

 A: Because the government knows from previous experience that a cease fire is a ruse of the terrorists to organise themselves to prepare for a fresh battle, during each one of the previous cease fires, they gathered force and created mayhem in the country by exploding suicide bombs and claymore bombs targeting buses, trains and markets.

 The government Forces did not want to take chances when they were about to terminate terrorism in Sri Lanka in a matter of days. Had there been a cease fire, with the hidden catches of arms and bombs and with external help, the terrorists may have made a come back, which would have been another 25 years of terror and suffering in Sri Lanka. The West refuse to understand this reality.

 Q: In those circumstance who can Navy Pillay really take to court with a charge sheet of crimes against humanity ?

 A: It cannot be the Armed Forces, because the Armed Forces carried out the orders of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces- the President, But the President was elected by the people and he was only carrying out the mandate given by the people. The West should not forget that Sri Lanka is a vibrant Democracy, and the President was elected by the people in terms of his election manifesto.

 In that situation the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navy Pillay has to draw up a charge sheet against the people of Sri Lanka, as the people of Sri Lanka is collectively responsible for the elimination of the terrorists in military action.

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  1. Ariya Says:

    Navi Pillay, being a tamil from South Africa, how do we be certain that she didn’t fund the LTTE?
    Marie Colvin of London Times wrote about a LTTE source from South Africa…

  2. wdanthan Says:

    Excellent article. I suppose you sent a copy to Navy Pillai

  3. Ariya Says:

    Navi Pillay from South Africa, Poopalapillai from Canada, a fine combination, don’t you think?

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