Posted on May 30th, 2009

Piyal Samarakone

We set the example for others to follow although it’s not palatable for the West. But the truth remains, as the way it should remain, the double standard and insecure West not willing to accept, simple because preface is from a tiny Buddhist nation.

Our sincere believe Pakistan will come out victorious just like us by defeating Taliban. However falling prey to west’s hidden agenda means Pakistan’s future become very bleak. The world witness events took place in Afghanistan during Mujahideens and how they back off Georgia in their hour of need. There are plenty of examples in the history how they master the art of evading and isolating, by doing so how they instilled uncertainty which eventually became breeding grounds for terrorists.

Identifying those aspects is a must to any country which may deal with terrorists, failing to do so means we will have more Iraqs more Afghanistans this is the reality.

Introducing and glorifying suicidal attacks LTTE took the world by surprised and thus confused masses how to identify a martyr from a terrorist who kill innocents.

By failing to understand the plain truth of that terrorist kills unarmed innocents civilians the West led by America turned a complete blind eye on LTTE until it came to their doorstep in a different wagon.Yet their double standard policy on terrorism remains intact for own dubious interests and world destined to suffer.
The UN and most of the NGOs working under UN shade simply carrying out what West need and pressurize countries who oppose. Nevertheless, thanks to countries like China and Russia still world has not turned into a complete unsettled quagmire.

Invading Afghanistan may be somewhat justifiable but failing miserably due to lack of
disregard for the innocent lives and improper plan. Iraq was a total blunder and continued to pay a big price. That was a Cheney-Rumsfeld fiasco which wholeheartedly blessed by Bush. It’s not surprise to see countries like Iran and even North Korea attempting to be strong force against West in term of defence as the events already unfolded in the world stage, especially during the last decade.

When England went to Falkland and took all the tough measures on the book to regain much distant territory which is more Argentina than Britton, did any of those in UN or any world body who appears to be human rights giants ask Britton to called off and go for negotiation without blood shed? The action was taken to regain Falklands within hours not days and complete the battle within hours. Any one has any accountability related to the lives and property lost. The only thing what world knows today is that a prince from Buckingham Palace who participated the battle.

The terrorism is a clear threat to the well being of the planet no matter its credentials bear good marks or bad marks. The planet is in constant peril until the West and its followers relinquished their double standard dubious policies when it comes to battle against terrorism.

The unprecedented example which Sri Lanka shown must be commendable or if not should refrain from undermining or tarnishing that great victory which led to a complete demise of a ruthless terrorist outfit which was a clear threat to the entire Southeast Asia.

Be it Taliban, Al-Qaida , Abu Sayab, or any other terrorist group who take innocent lives what ever motive, what ever agenda must be defeated militarily as they know to speak only through the barrel of the gun.

If the American led by West can withdraw their horrible double standard policy towards battle against terrorism and be more open realistic SWAT Valley would be another stepping stone towards the eradication of this menace, Mavil Aru will go down in the world history as a monumental battle.

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