WHY ? A Letter to Swiss Ambassador
Posted on May 31st, 2009

Ganesha David

Dear Sir

You are living in Sri Lanka. Did it really look to you that our Government went about
shooting people. There may have been people caught in between but are you
so backward not to recognize the difference between sentiment and intent ?

Is it humanly possible for a Government to think they can cold-bloodedly kill people
in plain view and get away.

What is this persecution? The ending of this war is the best thing that happened to
Sri Lanka and the region per se. Why are you hell bent on destroying the good that
Is trying to come out of it.

As for the IDPs for godsake we are poor, we are limited and we are doing the best
That we can. Is it right for richer, powerful nations to come and pass judgment.
Laugh and complain about our muddy backyards with a lack of everything.

Is any Government capable of housing, feeding and clothing immaculately 300,000
People overnight?

Why would the GOSL bar access to Humanitarian aid when we are struggling to feed
All the IDPs? Is the GOSL off their rocker to stop NGOs going in. There must be a reason
and a critical reason and I am sure you people know the reason as well.

Everything stands out at you, the GOSL never deliberately killed anyone or put anyone
through suffering. You don’t have a shred of evidence to prove this except doctored
video clippings that are not conclusive. But you want to drag Sri Lanka thru the mud.
Why ? Because Sri Lanka refused to listen to the powerful nations and went about
Winning the war. Isnt it because Sri Lanka was dying, all its people perishing with the
Weight of this war. Was it too much to fight it with all we had?

Ask yourselves Sir, what would you do ? What would you have done if you had the
Opportunity to stop something that had eroded your country for 30 years, will you not
take it at all costs?

Don’t be judgmental and don’t have double standards. Now the Western double
Standards it out of the closet. The world is not foolish. There were no WMD in
Iran and there are no war criminals in Sri Lanka.

Go home Sir, if you are unable to live without infringing others sovereignty. The terrorist
at least had a cause. What cause do you have to war with us small people?
Who are you to take us to Justice ? Are all your houses clean and not contaminated?

The power is changing………watch

2 Responses to “WHY ? A Letter to Swiss Ambassador”

  1. gdesilva Says:

    Well said Ganesha and sincerely hope that the ambassador from the so-called developed country will read and take the hint.

  2. Raj Says:

    Well said Ganesha. As you said ‘the power is changing’. Also, ‘Times’ online newspaper seems to be really determined to denigrate Sri Lanka. This is a highly concerted effort from the pro-LTTE media. Soon after a pro-LTTE article is published, there are hundreds of pro-LTTE comments made by ‘readers’. This shows, someone is alerting the supporters of LTTE of the article even before it is published.

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