Time to wake up Anandasangaree
Posted on June 3rd, 2009

Ananda De Costa

Anandasangaree’s behaviour changed recently , following LTTE’s defeat. He has now assumed sole representative role of Tamil people without people appointing him. He has started attacking the government and giving false statements to BBC.

He should abolish TULF and join mainstream politics by becoming a member of UNP or SLFP. He should stop being a racist and should start to speak not only on behalf of Tamils but also on behalf of Sinhalese. There are a lot of Sinhalese people living under worse condition than the displaced Tamils and he knows that.

TULF is the party that started the racist campaign that lead to destruction of Sri Lanka. They are the people who started to alienate Tamils against Sinhalese that eventually helped LTTE to gain popularity among Tamils. He should accept that fact by dropping the word “Tamil” from his party as a minimum.

He should question himself why Tamils are the only race that has political parties with racist names. Look at India. In Tamilnadu almost all parties carry the name Dravida. Why cannot these people serve the nation rather than a race ? leave the 5000 years of stupid history behind and live the present with all people around you.

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