Buddhist memoir “inspirational and compassionate”-USA Today
Posted on June 4th, 2009

By Stan Goldberg

“An Inspiring and Compassionate Guide for all of us.” -Louise Branson, Editorial Writer for USA Today

“This is one to read in order to change how you plan on living out the rest of your life.” –Myself.com Read Compete Review

“I recommend it for anyone who hopes for connection and joy in this life.” -John Golenski, Executive Director, George Mark Children’s Hospice

When Stan Goldberg, A Professor Emeritus at San Francisco State University was diagnosed with cancer, he chose to face his fear by helping others who were already in the process of dying: Stan signed up as a hospice volunteer and spent six years at the bedsides of the terminally ill before completing the book. He currently volunteers with Pathways Home Health Care and Hospice and was designated volunteer by the year by the Hospice Volunteer Association.

In this book, Stan shares the remarkable stories of people he met who were facing the end of life. Their stories shine a light on the human capacity for beauty, insight, forgiveness, and gratitude, as we see how people like us deal with anxiety and sadness with bravery and love. Excerpt and Additional Reviews

But what’s especially remarkable is that the bravery and love aren’t as much expressed in grand, dramatic gestures as they are in ordinary acts and small accomplishments: in simple efforts at kindness, in asking for and receiving forgiveness, in the abandonment of anger, and in learning to speak directly from the heart-and to listen in the same way. See his shedule of upcoming appearances.

What Stan ultimately discovers-and shares here-are not lessons in dying, but rather, lessons in learning how to live. You can visit his webpage stangoldbergwriter.com for his blog and more information.

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