THE LOST BATTLE, ………which never fought.
Posted on June 4th, 2009

Piyal Samarakone – Dubai

Dawn of the new era in the country brings us nothing but endless hopes. After a long grim period suddenly we are about to discover the long lost glory. The high expectations are quiet evident but the fact is can we deliver the goods what we contemplate.

All these years since 1948 Sri Lanka as a nation battered with social and economic calamities, worth to see whether we have taken any firm nation-building efforts to uplift the social and economic well being of the country.

The argument is have we produced the leaders of caliber of Lee Kwan U or Mahathir Mohammed? And dearly-called intelligent voters of the post independence Sri Lanka had the vision to mould leaders who could bring prosperity to the country. The bitter truth is we are ardent listeners and poor doers. We rarely disappoint pre-identified black sheeps who ever seeking to accommodate the already swollen house, but we have shunned so many would-be dear leaders surprisingly.

Decades of uncertainty which prevailed in the country changed most of the game plans.
Unfortunately most of the changes were mere deliberations to full fill and achieve politically orchestrated gains for certain factions.

Can we become a phoenix? or we simply go on astray without much of aspirations? Will future generations remind us with great pride? Heroes from pre independence given us that great opportunity and do we posses the power and determination to repeat the same?

Do we have a leader who has the wisdom and more importantly courage to present country loving secondary leaders before the masses? Will there be good leaders who are willing swallow the bitter pill in terms of practicing austerity? Are we ready to accept what is good for the future perhaps not for the present?
Viable and practical answers can be found for those endless questions, not necessarily to follow models, a country loving leader with dictatorial touch and frank desire to achieve the end result holds the key.

Certainly we can, simply believing the great victory we achieved in the recent past and how we pulled through it with one clear goal.

We, as common people need to overhaul our thinking more than the leaders, simply because we make them and we know what we need.

To transform the nation to a great nation the opportunity we got today is a very rare occurrence. The favorable political and social atmosphere prevail at present is so unprecedented and conducive.

The battle we never fought in the history due to various reasons cannot be ignored today.
If the countries without natural resources could become economic giants, certainly we have no excuse, unless we are ignorant parasites.

A lot depend on leaders and we are responsible for creating them, if not blame game will go on and hopelessness will become way of life.

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