Racist UN officials and Western hypocrisy should be exposed
Posted on June 6th, 2009

Ben Silva UK

First of all, I wish to express my sincere thanks to nations in UN that managed to see through the smoke screen and lies propagated by neo colonialist countries. If, Prabakaran was given a life line, as the UN officials and neo colonialist nations wanted,  then the whole Indian subcontinent would have been set ablaze. If we caved into pressure from neo colonialist Western powers or terrorist sympathising UN officials, it would have been a disaster for Sri Lanka. This has to be communicated to the world. It was perhaps their motive to destabilise the Indian subcontinent.  The support shown by the world  to Sri Lanka  is amazing, and the world has managed to see through  the disinformation campaign by Western Media.. Credit has to given to Dayan and others for this achievement. However, communication with the world has to be more structured , organised and focussed. A  team has to be formed to take on the propaganda war  that will go on for some time, as powerful LTTE sympathisers such as Pillay, Page, Colvin, Pratab and Coomaraswamy  will voice  anti GOSL  propaganda. A coordinator is needed to pass on the voice of ordinary Lankans  like myself to the world.

When many nations commended Sri Lanka, Ms Pillay is on a mission to discredit Sri Lanka, clearly displaying her racist Tamil Tiger credentials. Many feel that she is not fit to  hold a UN job, due to her leanings with the Tamil terrorists.

Neo colonial countries and  UN officials defended the indefensible and attempted to give a life line to the deadliest terror group in the world, the LTTE. The previous HR boss of UN, Ms Arbour did not  have a clue about Human rights. The present HR boss of UN, an ethnic Tamil,  certainly knew what she wanted “”…” to support Tamil terrorists and to discredit Sri Lanka Ms Pillay attempted to equate a terrorist group with a legitimate Government.


UK PM, Mr Brown  says  that terrorists will be hunted down (Guardian 4-06-09). When Sri Lanka was hunting down the terrorists, UK tried to give a life line to the terrorists.. What sort of hypocrisy is this?  The hypocrisy of Western counties make many puke.

A close analysis of  Dr Pillay’s conduct indicate  that she is  a racist Tamil, promoting racist Tamil empire building. Even after the recent conclusive vote in UN, she  tried her  racist Tamil Tiger promotion. Although she  tried to hide her LTTE sympathy, it is now very obvious. That should be exposed to the world. A biased racist person such as Dr Pillay should not old a UN position and she should be challenged.

Rather sadly, UN appear to be a Tamil Tiger den. Ms Coomarasawamy, another Tamil, manipulated the UN system, by sending a well known LTTE sympathizer Allan Rock , to Sri Lanka, to obtain an anti Sri Lanka report that was full of inaccuracies and lies. These Tamils in UN  have abused their position and have  acted to promote LTTE and  have been anti Sri Lanka.


The world has to be informed that Tamil racists were actually on a Tamil racist empire building mission, attempting to emulate Chola invaders. Exp[osing terrorists  and telling the truth to the world could be handled by our  diplomats .The link  between LTTE, Tamil Nadu racist politicians, Chola empire building has not been communicated to the world. However, the missions may  have to be restructured so that communication with the world become one of their key functions.


Also the link between UN false information  and pro LTTE NGOs need to be examined. Any pro LTTE NGO officials should be ejected from Sri Lanka,  as they are cancer cells that can do much damage to Sri Lanka. Aid should not be allowed to use as cover for politics and religious conversion. NGOs should be asked to decouple aid, politics and religion.


Western countries created the problem in Sri Lanka by giving  bogus refugees, residency status and then  by turning a blind eye to their fund raising and propaganda . Media reports have indicated damage to Sri Lanka in the region of 300 billion dollars. It is hypocrisy to show concern about Sri Lanka,  when they created the problem in the first place. Western countries have favoured Tamils and discriminated against the Sinhalese.


Damage claims have to be made against Western Countries.


Root cause of the problem in Sri Lanka

The root cause of the problems in Sri Lanka, which allowed South Indian and other invaders to invade and destroy Sri Lanka, is the weakness of the Sinhalese.. This weakness   has to be recognised and eliminated. Partnerships  have to me made with friendly foreign countries so that Sri Lanka is able to defend itself from invasions neo colonialist Countries.


Race based devolution, as proposed by Western countries, would enable them to extend their divide and rule policy. Race based devolution will create Elam through the back door, and would be a disaster to Sri Lanka. All Sri Lankans should lobby against race based devolution, before it is implemented. Any change of Government structure should be through a referendum.


Further, we have allowed mono ethnic Tamil areas to be formed, whilst allowing Tamil migration to all over Sri Lanka. Mono ethnic Tamil areas should be dismantled. All Sri Lankans should be encouraged to think as members of the same Sri Lankan family. It should be the responsibility of all Sri Lankans for the care, safety and well being of all Sri Lankans. I would extend the concept and say that care of humans should be the responsibility of all humans. Rather sadly, highly paid UN officials only protect racist Tamil terrorists  and have ignored the plight of humans in Africa, Burma, Iraq and so on, and allowed law of the jungle, which is basically the power of imperialists, to rule the world.

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