Posted on June 7th, 2009


The first decade of the 21st century has been bad for power hungry megalomaniacs. First, on DEC 30th 2006 murderous dictator Saddham Hussein walked into a Baghdad hangman’s noose. Then on 18th May 2009 another mass murderer who was venerated by an evil Tamil group received a clean 9 mm bullet through his forehead. He did not even have time to close his eyes. He was probably staring at the red phone waiting for a last minute phone call from London or Paris or Pillai.

Either way the world is a better place without these two merciless killers.

Contrary to his perceived “God” status by some equally eccentric followers, in his final weeks Vellapullai Prabhakaran hid himself behind the very people whom he proudly professed to be fighting for. Among them were thousands of children, women and helpless old. The so called “God” was unique in that he lacked the very essence of divinity which was compassion. The defunct LTTE “lie machine” was very effective in twisting things around to the point that they managed to label a mass murderer into a “God.” For that matter they even convinced Britain’s “Brown” to believe Vellapullai was divine to the point that his point man Miliband rushed Colombo to rescue Velapullai. But he received a big boot instead from Colombo.

My, my the world has changed indeed. The once mighty British is not even accorded a curtesy hearing in tiny Sri Lanka anymore. Power centers have shifted from Europe to Asia so much that Tiny Lanka can tell Brits to “buzz off.” There is not a damn thing they can do except to run to Pillai – a divine relation in distress these days.

By the magmanious victory of the Sri Lanka forces over the once invincible LTTE, another undeniable historical fact was reinforced. For over 2600 years the Sinhalese people lived in Sri Lanka despite the massive Tamil population right at the Southern tip of India. Throughout history Tamil Kings invaded Northern Lanka and attempted to take over the whole of Sri Lanka. Even with the gigantic population advantage, they never succeeded. The brave Sinhalese kept their motherland together. With the blessing of the cunning British divide and rule policy the Tamils saw another modern day opportunity to cease Lanka. Prabhakaran was to be their Moses. Except that he was a hell bent killer. He hid himself in the bush for 26 years and subjected the Northern Tamil people to untold hardship and it turned out it was all for nothing — summa…! He died running for his sordid life with not even a cyanide pill around his neck. He was the ultimate coward.

Vast majority of Tamil people want peace. They just want to bring up their families as decent citizens. They are simply tired of war. In fact I bet that the vast majority of them are finally relieved that the “sun God” is stone cold dead.

But now it is time to turn the chapter. It is time to embrace our Tamil brothers and sisters as one nation. It is also time to recognize that all Tamil speaking people are treated with dignity and all their just rights are unequivocally honored. The North and East should receive lots of investment dollars. That will make the Sinhalese not only brave but also worthy of its 2600 year old civilized existence.

All Lankans should commit themselves to this magmanious call of the hour of our glory !

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