UNO and Mr. Ban-Ki Moon – Ms. Navi Pillai and her prejudice- Amnesty International and unsubstantiated Allegations.
Posted on June 7th, 2009

By Charles.S.Perera

Ban Ki Moon should reconstruct UN which is now in a pitiable dilapidated condition since George Bush skipped UN Security Council, to wage a war in Iraq. The UN is now bankrupt of the purpose for which it was organised. It is now up to Ban-ki Moon to reorganise the UN to win back the trust of its Member States and make it a real forum for Nations to enter into dialogue, and avoid confrontation with each other. Instead of that Ban Ki Moon is preoccupied with the internal affairs of Sri Lanka as if he has nothing else to do. It seems as if it is Sri Lanka that keeps UN going.

The UN has lost the confidence of its Member State, except of course those of the Western countries using it as a pawn to realise their ambition of re-establishing their leadership in the World. They tether in UN to give weight for the fulfilment of their agenda. They would not hesitate to break up developing countries and set up new States such as they did in Serbia.

Ban Ki Moon warns Sri Lanka against triumphalism in the wake of victory. No, Ban-Ki Moon, Sri Lanka is not showing triumphalism of its victory against terrorism. It is a wrong conclusion. Triumphalism in case Ban ki Moon has not been told is defined as ” gloating or excessive celebration over the defeat of an opponent”. Even if that be a reason, what Sri Lanka is actually doing is celebrating the victory over an enemy determined to break up the territory of Sri Lanka to set up a separate State.

The word ” celebrations” Mr. Ban ki Moon is defined as “a joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event.” That, Ban Ki Moon is what Sri Lanka is doing. It has to be celebrated not to please or displease the West, and Ban Ki Moon’s retrograding UN, but for the sake of the hundreds of Sinhala Buddhist worriers who gave their lives and limbs or risked their lives to Save Sri Lanka from being hacked and sawed by a ruthless group of terrorists the West and Navy Pillay seem to have fallen in love with.

The celebration is also to marks the sad demise of hundreds of Tamil civilians who were brutalised, and some killed and others wounded by the despicable terrorists, and celebrate the end of the suffering of the surviving Tamil civilians who escaped from the brutality of terrorism, and for the possibility of rebuilding Nation from the ashes of the past.

Navi Pillay who is a Tamil is certainly prejudiced against the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government, as her sympathies are for the Terrorists who died promising a homeland for Tamils . A UN Official’s prejudice against even one single Member State of the UNO, makes him or her unfit to be a member of that Organisation, least of all to be that organisations High Commissioner for Human Rights. The voting of the 27 May,2009 on the resolution of the Government of Sri Lanka with 29 votes in its favour , as against the 12 votes of the Western countries was a vote against Navi Pillay who was hell bent on accusing the Government of Sri Lanka for War Crimes.

If she is a principled person, she should resign from her position as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Her continued attempt to go ahead with investigations against Sri Lanka to implicate it for War Crimes, cries loud and clear her vindictive stand against a Member State and makes it all the more imperative she resigns from her UN post of High Commissioner for Human Rights.

There is no saying that she is working in connivance with the Tamil expatriates. I avoid the word diaspora to refer to the Tamil expatriates. As the words like “diaspora”, “concentration Camps” and “genocide” are best left alone, in respect to the memory of the millions of Jews who were gassed and treated inhumanly by the Nazis. That sort of humiliation to the man kind has not been inflicted by any government and least of all the Government of Sri Lanka. These camps have to be seen to understand what it had been like !

In not accepting the democratic vote at the Human Rights Councils of the 27 May,2009 and insisting to go ahead with an investigation in to war crimes committed by the government of Sri Lanka in the last phase of its military operations, confirm her prejudice against the Government of Sri Lanka, and her lack of judicious independence.

Mme Louise Arbour the previous High Commissioner for Human Rights may have perceived that the Western countries were pressurising her to act according to their demands, and that may have been the reason for her to resign. She was definitely more independent and upright. Could we say the same of Ms. Navi Pillay ?

Ban ki Moon warns Sri Lanka on triumphalism and goes on to say that the government’s priority is to reach out to minority Tamils and Muslims. Banki Moon seems to be from another planet, hardly aware of the historical facts and the social make up of a country to make such an inappropriate remark.

The Sri Lanka Government had not separated itself at any time from its people, Sinhala, or Tamils or Muslims. The Sri Lanka Government was using its Armed Forces to liberate the Tamil civilians who had been kept for thirty long years under the iron boots of brutal terrorism. This does not indicated the absurd contention that the Government of Sri Lanka had failed to reach out to the minority Tamils and Muslims.

Sri Lanka does not want Ban ki Moon to tell, that Sri Lanka should provide its people humanitarian assistance. The Government is already doing its maximum to provide “unimpeded ” humanitarian assistance to its people who are now in the IDP camps. A 300 000 people rescued from the clutches of a brutal group of terrorists have to be sheltered some where. They could not be kept in the open air left to themselves. If it had been the case the accusation of the humanitarian activist who complain of the IDP camps, would have been the worst.

The immediate facilities to be provided to these people were not to send them to their old villages where every access had been mined by the terrorists and the houses destroyed. The only alternative was to keep them in camps, providing them security from possible terrorist attacks, pillage, or kidnapping of children or even rape. The barbed wires were to stop intruders, of all sorts , terrorist or gang attacks. Not to make them “Concentration Camps”. What a shame to have called them such, Niestat ?

But why did these Human Rights activists call them “concentration camps” ? No rescue operation of the size of that carried out by the Armed Forces in the no-fire zone, had been carried out any where else in the world. But did the UN or the International Community felicitate the Government Armed forces for that magnificent humanitarian operation. No ! instead they are being accused by these scrupulous men and women from the Western Countries, UN and the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International for genocide and war crimes. All that is because they are not been given “unimpeded” access to the IDP camps.

The Government of Sri Lanka is not like the UN and the unconcerned West. The people cannot be settled immediately because amenities for ordinary human existence in the villages of these people now in the IDP camps have to be re-established, as those conditions are non existent now due to devastation caused by the terrorists determined to fight the government to set up their dreamland. The personal mines buried in their lands by the terrorists have to be removed before people are allowed to settle down.

Once all that work is done the people will be resettled. Until then the IDPs will remain in the Camps as they have no where else to go. They will be provided with the basic requirements the government is able to provide. That is what the government is proposing to do even without being told by the interfering West and the UN.

Ban Ki Moon should also understand that the Government of Sri Lanka which had fought a terrorist Group that had devastated the country and the lives of the Tamil Civilians for the last 30 years is not accountable to any one other than its own people. The transparency had been maintained right through out the military operations of the Government Armed Forces until the terrorists were completely eliminated.

About Ban ki Moon’s contention that, “Whenever and wherever there are credible allegations of violations of humanitarian law, there should be a proper investigation,” He should told first that there had been no credible allegation made so far.

And most importantly Ban ki Moon has to be reminded that to-day the 6 June,2009 is the 65th Anniversary of the landing of the American forces on the Omaha Beach in Normandy in France to liberate France from the Nazi German Occupation.

What the Sri Lanka Government Forces did on the 18 May, 2009, was to liberate the territory occupied by a ruthless group of terrorists who caused irreparable damage to the country and its people during thirty long years.

But the government of Sri Lanka is only receiving flaks from the so called Civilised Western World, when at the time these words are being type out, in Normandy in France there is a significantly grandiose ceremony to pay tribute to the American Forces that landed on the Omaha beach to liberate France from the occupation of the Nazi Germany.

When listening to the speeches by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of UK Mr. Gordon Brown ,and the President of USA Barack Obama, in the context of the efforts of the Western Countries and the UN to smear the memory of brave soldiers of the Government Armed Forces of Sri Lanka , some of them who had given their lives, sum their blood and limbs and others who risked their lives, the words spoken at the ceremony in Normandy seem so hollow and utterly false.

Amnesty International, or the Human Rights Watch, who have not seen real suffering of the people who had been killed and mutilated by the terrorists of Sri Lanka, the blood splattered scenes with human body parts strewn every where , the head of a suicide bomber separated from the body with the eyes open, the face smeared with blood and a gaping hole where the neck was, dare to accuse the Sri Lanka Armed forces for war crimes.

If the terrorists were not eliminated by the brave government Armed Forces, there would have been more and more scenes of dead and mutilated bodies, and perhaps that may be what the Human Rights Watch and the Amnesty international wished for, so that it would have provided occasions for them to be very active searching for evidence of violation of human rights.

Amnesty International seems to be a weird institution accusing the Government not from substantiated information they have, but merely from what they have heard. They say “cited reports of young men being taken away from the displacement camps by pro-government paramilitary forces and said they risked being tortured or even killed”.

Who made these reports ? Were these reports verified ? Amnesty International seems to have no norms of morality. They are shamelessly unprincipled in making allegations and innuendos without valid proof.

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  1. Siri Says:

    Dear Charles.S.Perera. Do not kid yourself. These hypocrites in the UN will never resign. They make a good living and are trying to justify their existence by putting down small nations who they think will not hit back. They have infiltrated the UN agecies with others who think like them. Navi Pillai should be kicked out – she will never resign. As for the man from the MOON who does not seem to see the difference between reality and LTTE propaganda, we will have to wait for his term to end. It is sad that the UN has become a useless agency.

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