How FEMALE TIGERS earn their STRIPPING ability and “STRIPES” -A confession
Posted on June 10th, 2009

Magaleshwary Sivapackiam.

Dear Fellow Srilankans who were called Tamils earlier.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ I am also on of them and returned from the Killinochchi area via an IDP camp.I must first thank the Armed forces of Srilanka for the super operation they executed in style.

What all the world must know is what they do not know as yet. NGO’s shady activity NGO;s and Aid giving organisers are keen to be here in Srilanka Why??

SLMM what were they here for nobody knows! only we know. please read on. These rich foreign bodies come to Srilanka on the pretext of helping the afflicted. What do they do.? They recruit the village lasses and entrust them with a so called training which is outings of a day at a time where they are exposed to team games.

These games are well planned and the foreigner gets a chance to get close, touch(unsuspectingly) win the confidence of the girls.He bocomes a good boss to them. Then the girls are sent in batches of 02 or 03 the most, to the remote villages by a LuxuryJeep. For most this is 1st time and they are over the moon.

This goes on for two to three weeks and during this time the girls get good pocket money while all meals are provided.Most of these girls have never worn a brassier and they dont know what a sanitary napking is. This is the plight of these innocent girls. Critical point Thereafter these trips require an overnight stop over.

Thats where it begins.The foreigner buys them brasssiers gets them to try it out in their presence.They also show how a loopless pad is used. A bon fire gathering is held with the foreigners in attendence some cosy moments are spent. More money is thrown at the unsuspecting girls.

After gaining the girls fullest confidence and getting so close to them, hugs begin then grabbing and fondling with little or no resistance from the girls. All in all this is a patient game. During this time the Millitants enjoy the NGO/aid organisations patronage whereby Military Hardware, Supplies and Medicines are obtained as donations.

This prevents any complaints being entertained by the Militants from parents of the girls etc.. Now the foreigners move in and speak of Calenders and Posters etc and start photographing the girls in different attire. Then a partial revealing photo session.Finally all this ends up with a photo session with nothing on but bere human skin.

In the process advances are made nude baths in waterways are done and the girls end up as the playmates of the foreigners and sometimes their stooges.Their are cases of pregnancys and this usually ends up in crude abortions or death by suicide. Loss of their precious treasure

These girls are so conservative that once they are violated they feel their life is over and will not face their parents or their kith & kin.They will try to hang on to the foreigners. Alas the foreigners believe in replenishing the old stocks and another batch is trained. So the used ones are discarded.

Zooming in This an opportunity for they Militants. A mentally deranged young lass is easy to convince and brain washing goes through without a fuss. Now these once innocent virgins since violated and manhandled in the crudest forms of sexual actions are ready to carry the ball bearing filled explosives in their under garments to a predertimed target.

The suicide cadre is born Conclusion So my friends and relations you will see how the so called freedom fighters offer human sacrifices to the fair skins and then prowl around till the victim is mentally pressurised, to use her for their destructive actions on the pretext of fighting a cause.

All Srilankans have your ears and eyes opened and nab any foreigner who tries this again.We are now Srilankan and dont need any foreigners sympathy or money it is a matter of time when all of us will have avenues to legitimately earn a decent living for ouselves and our families.

All I ask is to pass this to all your friends around the globe and even to the news papers through their website links. I am a first hand witness I saw it happen thats why I am speaking out now. I am now a free Srilankan born in the north of the country. ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ 

Magaleshwary Sivapackiam.

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  1. Siri Says:

    I have been trying to look for a reason for a long time as to why all these foreigners from the West are interested in coming to Sri Lanka and living with and helping the LTTE. Now it is very clear to me. One of the reasons is free sex and being able to fondle and enjoy the Tamil Virgins of the Vanni and not get arrested for it like anywhere else in the country. Many a foreign Tourist has been arrested in other parts of the country for indulging with minors in sexual activities. This is disgraceful and the GOSL should control and supervise the activities of the INGO’s and NGO’s. Now I undestand why these Foreign groups want free and unfettered access to the IDP’s.

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