Posted on June 11th, 2009

Noor Nizam – Sri Lanka Peace Activist, Canada.

Dear Hon. Bob Rae.

The news article published by Canadian Journalist Mike Blanch of Canwest News Service, datelined Wednesday, June 11, under the heading – 

“Rae calls Sri Lankan government liars for branding him a supporter of the defeated Tamil Tiger rebels”
highlights the importance of this news item to the world readers please.

The fact remains that you should have not made this trip to Sri Lanka at all. The statements made by the immigration officials at the Bandaranaike International Airport as the reason not to allow entry and to arrange for your return (deportation) is the respect of International covenants governing such issues explained by the Immigration authorities in Colombo . But Hon. Bob Rae – you and those who had arranged his one-way trip to Colombo know for certain the untold agenda for which you had attempted to make the visit. The Canadian public does NOT know this. But if they ever come to know the truth, it may be detrimental to all those involved please. The analysis of the comments made by readers in the comments colums of National Post, Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, CBC, CTV and other mass media indicate the animosity Canadian Citizens have on you for attempting this stupid trip to Colombo.

While understanding the embarrassment caused to you, Hon. Bob Rae,  and the embarrassment you have caused Canada into, my advice as a Sri Lankan Canadian citizen to you Sir is – please keep away from other Nations internal politics,  just because you feel that it will help you enhance your vote bank in your riding at any elections with support of those cultural voters who may feel gilted about the political/humanitarian issues happening in their native countries.

It is a pity that you were absent, being a member, at the Foreign Affairs Standing Committee sittings on Canada and the Crisis in Sri Lanka which was held at the House of Commons on April 1st., 2009. I was an individual witness at these secessions and if you had listened to my presentation, you would have NOT been ill informed to make this stupid trip to Sri Lanka which has brought much “deface” to CANADA too. As a Canadian Citizen, this hurts me very much and it is not correct for an educated and able Canadian politician of your stature to have contributed to making CANADA cry for what has happened.

Canada is a country of Peace and known for its giving and humanitarian concerns. That is what brought me to Canada from Sri Lankan long years ago. In carrying that mantle, I made a recent visit (23rd., April “”…” 5th., May 2009)  to Sri Lanka taking with me 300 lbs of Medications worth $ 30,000/= which were made available to the GMOA (Government Medical Officers Association) that was also handling the medical camps for the IDP’s in the North. This noble reach out of humanitarian assistance was supported by the Sri Lankan diasporas of all communities, my riding conservative MP, Air Canada , Sri Lankan Airlines and a philanthropist arm of the pharmaceutical industry of Canada .  I did have problems at the airport in Colombo to clear the cargo, but when I explained the cause for which I had brought all that medicine, the orders were given to clear the cargo duty free and without any hassle to be made available to the IDP’s. I did NOT go to stick my noise in the international affairs of the country. My mission was truly and sincerely the concerns of those vulnerable IDPs who needed medicines and the Sri Lankan authorities respected that wholeheartedly. You should have undertaken a similar mission/trip to Colombo and you would have been appreciated both by Sri Lankan Canadians and all Sri Lankans.

Hon. Bob Rae, Sir, you have now driven a wedge between the friendliest relations between Sri Lanka and Canada . The bridges we Sri Lankan Canadians have strived to build and maintain during these times of turmoil, have been cracked as a result of your foolish trip. The enemies and forces against PEACE in Sri Lanka and the need for RECONCILIATION in Canada among the Sri Lankan diaspora will use this episode for their benefits.

What Sri Lanka needs is Peace and Harmony. Sri Lankan Canadians need Peace, Reconciliation and forgiveness towards understanding. Trying to teach them Federalism for millions of Canadian tax payers money for a year which was a big failure, becomes questionable in dirty politics. Trying to be too innocent can harm one’s political career in Canada too.

Sri Lanka has said, it will resolve its problem indigenously.

Together we Canadians should help both groups achieve that goal at least for the sake of our next generation.

” PEACE IS NOT FOR US, IT IS FOR THE NEXT GENERATION ” by the grace of God AllMighty.
That is what CANADA is all about and should do.

Noor Nizam.
Sri Lanka Peace Activist

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